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If you form your business or register in New Jersey, you must designate an in-state Registered Agent and Registered Office.

CT Corporation Registered Agent and Independent Director Services
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Registered Agent Services

Easily appoint your Registered Agent online. The checkout process takes less than 10 minutes and you will immediately receive the registered agent address

Your Service Includes

  • Registered Agent - Includes a registered agent address location within the state and a dedicated team to receive and forward all service of process and legal notifications
  • Online Portal - Online compliance portal to keep your business compliant 24/7

$329 +state fees*

Automatic discount applied at checkout for new customers.

Registered Agent + Incorporation

Start your business with a solid & smart foundation. Our incorporation experts are here to help you incorporate your business with the state

Your Package Includes

  • Incorporation Services - Preparation and filing of all legal documents and Articles of Incorporation with the state
  • Name Availability Check - Name availability check and reservation of your desired business name
  • Registered Agent Services 
  • Online Portal

$709 +state fees*

*State fees are mandatory fees imposed by the state. Price includes online discount automatically applied at checkout.

Registered Agent + Foreign Qualification

Legally register an existing business to another state. We know all the state requirements and we make sure your application is accepted by the state

Your Package Includes

  • Qualification Services - Preparation and filing of all qualification documents with the state
  • Name Availability Check - Name availability check and reservation of your desired business name
  • Registered Agent Services 
  • Online Portal 

$709 +state fees*

*State fees are mandatory fees imposed by the state. Price includes online discount automatically applied at checkout.

Having the Right New Jersey Registered Agent is Important

Registered Agents handle some of the most important state and legal notices directed to your business. Improperly processing crucial documents, like annual reports or notice of a lawsuit, can spell disaster. You can trust CT’s expert Registered Agents to deal with mission-critical documents correctly, delivering them promptly to the right people, so you can cross that responsibility off your list.

Trust your CT Registered Agent to:

  • Record your Registered Agent information with New Jersey—essential to keep your business in good standing
  • Receive state documents and legal notices, including Service of Process and wage garnishment notices, and promptly relay them to your designated contacts—so nothing gets overlooked
  • Monitor laws and regulations—to make sure you aren’t caught off guard by changes
  • Designate a specific team to serve as your go-to resource for answers to your questions—you won’t get the round around
  • Customize your New Jersey Registered Agent services if you wish to include alerts of upcoming deadlines and forwarding of business documents—so you’ll have less to manage

Appoint Your New Jersey Registered Agent in 3 Easy Steps

Using our online tool, you can easily appoint CT in 3 easy steps. If you need additional help, we are happy to answer all your questions via phone, chat or email.

Trusted by lawyers and businesses since 1892

Brian J. Greenbaum, CFO, Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.

“We have used CT as our registered agent in every state. They keep us in the loop about Service of Process notices we receive, alert us to upcoming filing dates, and help us foreign qualify when we start doing business in new states.”

Theresa Queenan, Chief Financial Officer, Bob Ray Co., Inc.

"When we have needed to expand our business into other states, CT has been there to help us complete the necessary filings quickly and efficiently. And when we’ve had questions, they’re always very responsive no matter communicating with them on or offline. CT’s services are easy to use, making it simpler for us to stay compliant."

Duanne Slafta, Compliance Supervisor, Stringer Ware & Company, Inc.

“Being able to offload some of it to CT Corporation makes all the difference. Any time I get a request from a Secretary of State office, I forward it to my CT representative, and she handles it. She knows exactly what filings and documents are needed.”

New Jersey Registered Agent and Annual Report Requirements

  • In addition to appointing a Registered Agent, businesses also need to stay on top of your annual report filings.
  • Nearly every state requires a periodic report that updates an LLC’s or corporation’s basic information, such as the principle business location, officers’ (or managers’) names, and the name and address of the registered agent. 
  • Learn more, visit the Registered Agent Info Center

What to Look for When Choosing a New Jersey Registered Agent

Among other things, your registered agent should be reliable, accurate and consistent. Your New Jersey Registered Agent should -

  • always be available and physically present at the registered office during normal business hours. This ensures any hand-delivered legal documents get proper attention,
  • know all New Jersey business entity and compliance rules,
  • have professionally trained staff with expert knowledge on how to properly handle and forward SOP papers,
  • have state-of-the-art processes in place to deliver crucial documents to you, and to follow-up with you regarding delivery, and,
  • have offices in the states where the business may expand into as you will be required to have a registered agent in order to register to do business in those other states.

The Importance of Having a New Jersey Registered Agent

Having a professional New Jersey Registered Agent ensures that things such as personal emergencies, vacations, business trips, and meetings never leave your company without this physical presence. Keep in mind, a lawsuit can proceed against you, even if your registered agent is not available to receive service. You may lose the opportunity to defend yourself in court or incur extra legal fees.

In addition to the registered agent’s statutory responsibilities of receiving and forwarding documents, professional service companies often provide a full range of services for LLCs, corporations and other types of business entities to help them with their compliance needs.  The right professional services company can help you stay in compliance and make sure all of your documents are handled correctly.

New Jersey Registered Agent FAQs

Does CT have a Registered Agent office in New Jersey?

Yes. CT has an office in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. You’re always guaranteed reliable service from experienced in-state professionals. You’ll find us at: The Corporation Trust Company 820 Bear Tavern Road Mercer County West Trenton, New Jersey 08628

How do I appoint CT as my Registered Agent?

You can easily appoint CT Corporation as your Registered Agent using our online tool. The checkout process takes less than 10 minutes and you will immediately receive the agent address. Our compliance specialists are also available on the phone to answer your questions and assist with your registered agent needs.

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