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  • A registered agent address location within the state
  • A dedicated team to receive and forward all service of process and legal notifications
  • Access to our online compliance portal
  • We also pay all state fees associated with changing your registered agent and help you fill the paperwork

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Why Choose CT?

  • Designated experts to answer your questions
  • No hidden fees
  • Online compliance portal to easily file your legal documents
  • Compliance alerts to help you track your Franchise Tax due dates
  • Resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest compliance news
  • Nationwide presence – in all 50 states 
  • 120 years of experience, and the expertise to help at every stage of your business

What They Say About CT


"I strongly recommend CT as a professional, cooperative and reliable corporate compliance partner."

Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc., Kansas

"Responsive, knowledgeable, and great customer service. I like to work directly via email vs. phone and the response time was outstanding and the paperwork was seamless."

Children International, Missouri

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Switching to CT is easy

Whether you are changing your Registered Agent in one state or many, you can be confident that:

  • Our compliance professionals will work with you to accurately complete the necessary documents and promptly file them with the state(s)
  • CT will pay all state fees associated with changing your registered agent
  • Once appointed, we will provide outstanding Registered Agent service and support

CT Registered Agents protect your business and help it thrive by:

  • Ensuring your Registered Agent information is properly recorded with the state, so you can be confident that important legal and state documents will be delivered correctly
  • Delivering crucial documents to the right people in your company, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that nothing will fall through the cracks
  • Separating essential documents from unsolicited bulk mail, so you will receive only items that require your attention
  • Providing unlimited access to business compliance experts and state-of-the-art online tools, so you can always get an answer to your business compliance experts

Registered Agent FAQs

What is Service of Process?

Service of Process is time-sensitive legal paperwork that gives your company official notice of a lawsuit. When an individual is sued it is easy to figure out who to give the legal papers to— that individual. But what about when it is a business entity such as a corporation, LLC, or LP? You cannot just go into a business and leave the papers with anyone who might work for the company. Service of Process can only be served on someone the rules and statutes say can be served. And, in general, that is only a responsible person who is likely to make sure those documents end up in the hands of someone who can file a timely legal response for the defendant.

Why do I need a Registered Agent?

All LLCs, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations must appoint a Registered Agent, also known as a Resident Agent or Statutory Agent.

How To Keep Your Business In Compliance


Selecting Your Company's Registered Agent

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Are you unhappy with your current Registered Agent provider?

Is your current Registered Agent is always available and physically present at the registered office during normal business hours so there is no risk of undelivered documents? Does your Registered Agent understand the state’s business entity and compliance rules so that your important documents are always handled properly and promptly? Do you have easy and unlimited access to a trained, knowledgeable professional, so you can get a speedy answer whenever you have a compliance question? Does your Registered Agent have legal experts monitoring legal and regulatory developments and online tools to expertly manage compliance activities? Appointing CT as your Registered Agent is fast and easy. And, you will have the peace of mind from being able to answer "yes" to all these questions.

Have you fallen out of good standing and need to get it back?

It is essential to keep your corporation or LLC in good standing with the state. The most common reasons for loss of good standing are failing to file annual reports and failing to maintain an in-state registered agent. Loss of good standing can result in fines and and penalties on the business and, in some cases, the owners. It can also trigger the administrative dissolution of your entity, stripping you of the asset protection incorporating provided. CT's business compliance professionals can advise you on how to regain you good standing--whether that involves updating your registered agent information with the state, filing past-due annual reports or applying to have your corporation or LLC reinstated. Contact us today to learn more.

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