Registered Agents: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

Registered Agent or Statutory Agent

What is a Registered Agent

A Registered Agent is your official point of contact with the state. Every LLC and corporation must have a Registered Agent to accept service of process, legal notices, and other crucial state documents and relay these communications to your business. A good one does this swiftly and attentively to help you avoid serious consequences.

Registered Agent Services

Appoint your Registered Agent

Having a registered agent is required by all 50 states. Rely on CT to handle important legal and state documents promptly and correctly.

Representation Services

We offer a range of customizable Service of Process solutions to meet your exact requirements—from Statutory Representation to Contract Agency.

Change of Registered Agent

It's easy to change your Registered Agent, and CT will pay your state change of agent fees. Act now, and step up to the experience and professional service that CT provides.

Why choose CT as your Registered Agent

Because Registered Agents are required, businesses often believe “It doesn’t matter who you pick, as long as you appoint one." This is a dangerous misconception. Untrained agents can overlook documents or direct them to the wrong person. "DIY" agents may be unavailable to receive documents when they arrive. These failures can result in penalties, default judgments, and even dissolution. You can rely on CT to handle important legal and state documents promptly and correctly. We've perfected the role of Registered Agent after inventing it more than 120 years ago.

Integrated solutions for businesses of all sizes

Our experts can design a plan of action to suit even the most complex situation.


Whether you’re a global player or planning to become one, CT's knowledge of the field and long-standing relationships facilitate compliance abroad. We also keep you informed of relevant foreign developments.

Private Contracts

CT has decades of experience carrying out service of process for contracts outside of the business realm, keeping all parties informed and compliant from beginning to end.

Special Federal & State Agency

Many international, federal, state, and local laws impose special rules for certain situations. Our broad experience dealing with the myriad of statutes makes us the nationwide leader for needs such as single-source requirements.

Federal Motor Carrier Act Representation

The FMCA requires all commercial carriers to appoint an agent in the 48 contiguous states as well as D.C. We simplify things by acting as your blanket agent for all of these states via one single account.

Specialized services

International Registered Agent

Ease your burden and stay informed with global representation services.

Federal Motor Carrier Act Services

Simplify your FMCA compliance across all 49 required jurisdictions by letting CT manage these efforts in a single account. Keep your eyes on the road—we’ll track these obligations for you.

Independent Director Services

Avoid delays and increase integrity for your financial projects and transactions with our experienced team of independent directors and managers.

How to choose a Registered Agent

A step-by-step guide to help you make the final call.

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