Your partner for real estate transactions.

From beginning to end.

Whether at the beginning stages of due diligence, or the high-pressure stages of closing, we provide the assistance that Real Estate Investment Trusts and Private Equity Real Estate Funds count on.

For the long-term.

We’re not just there for the deal itself. We’re committed to helping you prepare for and monitor compliance issues that may arise afterwards.

Independent Director Services

Avoid delays and increase integrity for your financial projects and transactions with our experienced team of independent directors and managers.

International Process Agency

A single-source registered agent that can handle all your notifications for every jurisdiction.

Global Transactional Services

Rely on CT's suite of international products and services—available to you as needed—to keep you compliant as you do business across the globe.

Secured Lending & Structured Finance

We provide expertise and a single point of contact for due diligence, independent director, and process agency needs - both domestic and overseas - for lenders, lenders' council and loan recipients.

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Nuanced expertise.

We have expertise in all the specific—and sometimes obscure—laws that affect your deal. Because when it comes to your business, every detail matters, including the regulatory differences across states and international jurisdictions.

A long history of success.

In our more than 125 years of compliance experience, we’ve helped our clients through countless regulatory changes in every possible economic environment. We continue that tradition today as we work to mitigate your risk.

Proactive partners.

We alert you to the deadlines, common pitfalls, and can prepare you for what’s coming next.

Meticulous partners.

When it comes to the details, we’re relentless. We know that to ensure your success, every document and every signature has to be accounted for and taken care of.

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

We're here for every stage of the deal.

UCC Searches

Our experts guide you through the complex search process – from the jurisdictional nuances to the optimal search strategy for your particular project.

Entity Managed Services

We provide a full-service, end-to-end solution that’s capable of handling all your entity management needs for you.

Global Market Entity Identifier (GMEI)

You can count on our OTC trade compliance experts to help you obtain new GMEIs, manage annual renewals, and make mandatory updates when your business changes.

Deal Support Services

At CT Corporation, our legal experts have the experience of working on high profile deals. Our dedicated service team will help you through every stage of the transaction right from initial filings through due diligence to signing and closing.

Request a Custom Quote

Have a specific question about a product? A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.