Registered Agent Services with CT Corporation

Protect Your Business
Only $149

  • Appoint a professional registered agent to:
  • Ensure proper routing of legal notices
  • Guard against fines and penalties
  • Protect the privacy of your business

Registered Agent

  • Registered Agent Services
  • As required by law, a Registered Agent relays service of process, legal notices, and state mandates to your company. Appoint CT Corporation to serve as your registered agent.

Need Help With Your Registered Agent Service?

Five Questions to Answer Before Using an Individual Registered Agent. Read More...

What They Say About CT


"I appointed CT Corporation as my registered agent. I didn’t want to skimp or take shortcuts, because my registered agent will be handling some of my most important documents. I researched my options thoroughly, and I’m confident CT is the right choice. I trust them to be there for me."

Brian Traver, Founder, NBT Worldwide, LLC 

CT agents keep everything in check:

  • Recording your information with the state—a necessary step to stay in good standing
  • Sifting through time-consuming bulk mail, prioritizing items that need your attention over junk and solicitations
  • Forwarding of legal notices and state mandates to the right people
  • Alerting you to jurisdictional changes that could impact your business and managing other documents of your choice (an additional fee)​

Why you need the right registered agent

Even though it’s a requirement, you still have a choice over who to use. Problems with typical agents—like absenteeism, outdated information, and tardiness—often lead to missed deadlines and worse. CT ensures proper handling of documents like service of process and annual reports, so you’re never blindsided. Additionally, we go above and beyond with incremental services to keep your business running free of surprises.

Registered Agent FAQs

What exactly will my Registered Agent do for my business?

Your Registered Agent receives essential state mailings (annual reports, tax forms, etc.) and legal mandates (like lawsuits), promptly relaying them to the correct individuals within your business. Beyond alerting you to deadlines and court proceedings, our Registered Agents can also manage other documents for you at an incremental cost.

What is wage garnishment?

If you have employees, this is the type of Service of Process you’re most likely to receive. Federal law allows federal agencies to garnish the wages of individuals, for child support, tax liens, student loans, and consumer debt. Employers can be penalized for failing to comply with wage garnishment orders. For this reason, it’s very important to ensure you have a professional registered agent handling your Service of Process. 7% of US employees have their wages garnished, and if you receive a garnishment and fail to take action in time, your business can be liable for the amount your employees owe.

Talk to a Specialist

Have a specific question about a product? A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.

*$149 is introductory pricing for one year of basic registered agent services for one entity in one state. Standard renewal rates apply. Current renewal rates are $296 for basic registered agent services and $345 for Rep Plus service.