All Your Orders in One Place, Easy to Manage

CT’s Order Hub allows you to quickly and easily access all your UCC and Corporate orders from one convenient and easy to use web application. Click on image to view the interactive demo​

Designed to speed your workflow

You can quickly check order status to know which items are completed or pending. Instantly locate your orders for easy to sort dashboard. View and print search results and filing evidence. Stay on top of accounts by printing invoices and viewing details like payment status and outstanding amount.

One view, every order

Order Hub helps you easily manage all types of Corporate, UCC, and Due Diligence related orders including: Filing orders; Document retrievals such as Certificates of Good Standing and Charter Documents; UCC, state and local lien searches; and Know Your Customer and Reputational Due Diligence such as Negative News and Media searches.

User friendly, convenient and efficient

  • No training needed; simple, intuitive navigation gets you up and running quickly
  • Single web app that works well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, with all major browsers
    Status changes and evidence uploads in our backend systems will appear in Order Hub within 4 minutes
  • You can get to Order Hub from CTAdvantage or from using your existing CTAdvantage log-in credentials

Talk to a Specialist

Have a specific question about the Order Hub. A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.


CT's IntelliChart gives you an automated way to quickly chart and analyze search result summaries, which you can then export to the file type of your choice.

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