Legal & Compliance Catalog 
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  • Appoint your Registered Agent 

    Having a registered agent is required by all 50 states. Rely on CT to handle important legal and state documents promptly and correctly.

  • Business Formation Services

    Preparation and filing of all legal documents to register a business with the State.


  • Business License Research 

    Find out exactly which licenses, permits, and tax registrations are required for your business. Quickly and accurately, CT assembles a package with all licensing applications and instructions you need.

  • Certificate of Good Standing

    Lenders and investors often demand proof your business is in good standing. And, you'll need a certificate of good standing to register in a new state. CT can get you the proof you need and do so quickly.

  • Certified Copy of State Documents

    Obtain a certified copy of your entity's formation documents as proof of its legal existence.

  • Change of Registered Agent

    It's easy to change your Registered Agent, and CT will pay your state change of agent fees. Act now, and step up to the experience and professional service that CT provides.

  • Corporate Seal and Compliance Kit

    Customized record book, ownership certificates, sample documents, plus a metal seal.

  • Dissolution or Withdrawal

    Officially dissolve your company or withdraw from a state where you had foreign qualified.

  • Employer ID Number (EIN)

    LLCs and corporations are required to have a federal tax identification number, or EIN, even if they do not have employees. Many banks and vendors also require an EIN to do business with a company.

  • Foreign Qualification (expanding to another state)

    Foreign qualification is the process of registering a company to conduct business in another state.

  • Incorporation Services

    Preparation and filing of all legal documents to register a business with the State.

  • Name Amendment

    As your business grows and changes, you may find it necessary to update your business name by filing Articles of Amendment.

  • Name Availability Check

    Name check ensures the availability of your desired business name with the State. Includes a search for up to two names.