Company Name Availability Check

Selecting the right business name is a critical step when starting a business or expanding to a new state. A name check ensures the one you have in mind is available early in the planning process to avoid disappointment.

Verify Name Availability $90

Know the Naming Nuances of Every State

Each state has its own rules, guidelines, and means of checking availability. A name can easily be rejected if it's too similar to an existing one, or if it contains a prohibited word (or omits a required one). With this service, CT will verify your name’s format and availability. If everything checks out, you may then consider a name reservation.

CT’s Compliance Experts Will:

  • Summarize each state’s naming requirements for you—no need to comb through websites to find out what’s allowed and what’s not
  • Check the availability of two names, one preferred and one backup
  • Promptly notify you of the results
  • Outline your logical next step, whether it’s incorporation, foreign qualification, or reserving the name for future use

Name Availability FAQs

What is a “legal name”?

A corporation, LLC, or other type of business can have only one legal name at a time. This name is protected—no other business can have a legal name that is deceptively similar. In contrast, a business can have several assumed, “doing business as (DBA)” names at once, which remain unprotected.

How is name reservation different from a name availability check?

A name availability check does not reserve the name for you; it’s merely a snapshot to see if your desired name is eligible and available. Name reservation goes one step further to hold the name for a brief period of time, preventing other businesses from claiming it for themselves.

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