Name Amendment

As your business grows and changes, you may find it necessary to update your company name. Let us guide you through name amendment process.

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Make a Change While Keeping Business Intact

A business may change its name to better reflect its values, improve recognition, or to broaden its audience, among other reasons. To do so, each state requires you to file Articles of Amendment so that its citizens can determine the rightful owner of the business. The filing also proves you have the requisite consent from others within your company.

How We’ll Help You Do It Properly:

  • Conduct an official inquiry to see that your new name is available in every applicable state
  • Comb through each state’s naming provisions - which can vary - to ensure your name meets all requirements
  • Prepare your Articles of Amendment, file them with the state, and keep an eye on the process for you
  • Ship the documents back to you as soon as they’re approved

Name Amendment FAQs

Why are Articles of Amendment important?

They’re the only way to notify the state of your desire for a new legal name. They also demonstrate consent from essential members of your company in the event that director, shareholder, or officer ratification is required. The name change is only official once the Articles of Amendment are approved.

What are the naming requirements?

Your new name must meet the same state requirements as your original one: It can’t be substantially similar to a name that’s already in use, nor can it contain prohibited words. It must also properly identify the entity type. If your name doesn't measure up, your application may be rejected.

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