Mergers & Acquisitions Support: We're here for every stage of the deal.

From beginning to end.

Whether at the beginning stages of due diligence, or the high-pressure stages of closing, CT provides the assistance that Private Equity Firms and Mergers & Acquisitions attorneys count on.

Beyond borders.

We have offices and expertise around the globe. No matter where your business takes you, we’ll make sure your needs are being met, accurately and on time.

Mergers and Acquisitions Compliance

We’ve assisted in thousands of mergers and acquisitions, and we understand the complexity involved in each deal. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Corporate Spin Off Support

CT offers an expert team, skilled in planning and execution, to ensure a cohesive and compliant spin off process.

Post-Merger Integration Support

We have the experience to confidently guide you through the final steps post-merger, whether you are consolidating subsidiaries or involved in a high-profile deal.

Secured Lending & Structured Finance

We provide expertise and a single point of contact for due diligence, independent director, and process agency needs - both domestic and overseas - for lenders, lenders' council and loan recipients.

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Real Estate Transaction Services

For all your real estate transactions, you can count on us to be there to make sure the deal goes through and to keep an eye on compliance needs afterwards.

Deal Support

Our team will be focused on the specific issues you face with a special emphasis on deals and funds, so you can conduct your business with confidence.

UCC Services

Our experts guide you through the complex search and filing process – from the jurisdictional nuances to the optimal search strategy for your particular project.

Due Diligence Services

CT has the expertise and service focus to handle your due diligence needs throughout the deal lifecycle.

All your needs in one place.

End-to-end project management with a single specialist who’s accountable to you for all aspects of the partnership—from the start to the close of the deal.

Knowledgeable experts.

Our industry experts can help you resolve both domestic and international issues. We’ll proactively alert you of upcoming deadlines and common pitfalls, so you’re always prepared for what’s coming next.

Deal Support

At CT Corporation, our legal experts have the experience of working on high profile deals. Our dedicated service team will help you through every stage of the transaction right from initial filings through due diligence to signing and closing.

Request a Custom Quote

Have a specific question about a product? A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.