Legal Due Diligence

Our broad range of search services help you identify and mitigate legal liabilities before you get to the deal table.


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We have your back

  • A single point of contact consults and orchestrates your deal
  • Our IntelliChart™ automated charting tool reduces law firm manual effort by 60%
  • Seasoned experts proactively identify and close gaps in search scope
  • Our support can be scaled to manage deals of any size

What’s Driving Increased Legal Due Diligence Needs?


Deals don’t occur in a vacuum. They exist within a complex landscape of regulations, multiple entities, jurisdictions, and geographies that all must be taken into account for a successful close.


One major due diligence project can consume an extensive amount of your resources. More than one can be overwhelming and increase the chance of arriving at closing with undiscovered risks.


Deal timelines continue to shrink, but risks of a bad deal don’t. The sooner you identify a potential issue, the more likely it can be mitigated without impacting closing.


How can I be sure CT's services will work for my company?

Our solutions are designed to adapt to how you work. Our teams have the deal experience to handle every stage from target evaluation to the high-pressure final moments prior to closing. Learn more about our Due Diligence Services.

Why is due diligence important?

Recent court decisions have shown that deals in the works for years can be scuttled by a single missing document, highlighting the critical importance of thorough, and meticulous, due diligence.

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