CT Associate Training Program

Solve the challenge of training associates to execute flawless entity compliance and financial due diligence, without diverting senior-level resources. Bring CT Corporation’s renowned educational offerings on-site, customized to your firm’s requirements and processes.

Customized Education

The CT Associate Training Program gives new associates the hands-on knowledge of business entity compliance and financial due diligence that they may lack, reducing the risk of errors and omissions for your firm. Courses are geared to summer, first, second and third year associates, and legal assistants. Meet with a CT program facilitator to discuss your training needs, and how we can customize CT’s seminars to your firm’s procedures.

Prepare associates and legal assistants with CT’s expertise

Consistent Approach

Develop your associates’ practical expertise, and ensure they’re working with the same knowledge base.

Customized Implementation

Customize a series to your firm’s entity compliance and due diligence processes and checklists.

Limited Interruption

Keep senior staff delivering the higher value legal work that only they can do.

Sequence your own program

Choose from two course levels. All courses are CLE-approved where applicable.

Hand’s-On Series for Financial Due Diligence and Entity Compliance

  • Properly Prepare and File UCC Financing Statements: Intro – Participants will learn to strengthen their preparation and filing protocols.
  • Create an Optimal Search Strategy for Common Liens – Uncovering information about a debtor or target company with a good lien search plan is vital to most deals.
  • Due Diligence from the Lender’s Perspective – Participants learn due diligence best practices from the lender’s point of view.
  • Fixture Filings and Other Real Estate Considerations: Intro – Participants will gain a basic understanding of what constitutes a fixture and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Manage Post-Deal M&A Compliance – Participants will learn post-deal compliance requirements for the new or surviving entities.
  • Choose Between a Corporation vs. an LLC – Participants will learn how to quickly identify the salient issues of clients’ needs, to recommend the most appropriate entity type.
  • Forming a Delaware Corporation: Intro – This is an interactive workshop about DE General Corporation Law, the nuts and bolts of effective internal governance and much more.
  • Forming a Delaware LLC: Intro – Participants will learn how to draft LLC formation documents with a review of the Delaware LLC Act and real-life examples.

Full Immersion Series for Financial Due Diligence

  • Due Diligence and Filing Under UCC Revised Article 9 – Actively protect clients’ interests with advanced due diligence practices. Participants learn UCC Rev. Article 9 from A to Z, with illustrations from recent developments in UCC case law.
  • Delaware Business Entity Laws – Learn Delaware’s business-friendly laws, and how to successfully implement clients’ transactions.
  • The “NEW LOOK” of Due Diligence – Learn how changes in Delaware corporate law, due diligence recordings, case law, and cybersecurity have impacted due diligence, and how to keep your due diligence practices current.
  • Undiscovered Liens – Participants learn the lien types that fall outside of UCC Rev. Article 9. This fresh take on liens can significantly enhance participants’ due diligence strategies.

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Educate your associates on corporate entity compliance and Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code with on-site seminars customized to your firm’s preferences and processes. Close the knowledge gap painlessly with this one-of-a-kind program.