Put Your Nonprofit Clients in Expert Hands

Ensure your nonprofit clients get the expert support you expect, at the right price. With these services, nonprofits have the support they need to operate in good standing, properly handle compliance paperwork, and benefit from all applicable tax exemptions.

CT has the expertise to assist nonprofit clients with:

Nonprofit 101 for Law Firms

Nonprofit entities differ from for-profit organizations in a several key ways that require consideration.

Key Benefits of Working with CT

Access to world-class expertise

Connect your nonprofit clients with a single provider with the experience and reach to handle any regulatory or compliance challenges.

Guidance through complex state requirements

Our professionals know the ropes and can help clients complete compliance paperwork with confidence.

Compliance is our business

We’ll apply our 125+ years of compliance experience to keeping your client's entities in compliance with state laws and regulations.

Questions? We can help

Complete the form below and a CT Specialist will contact you to discuss how we can best meet your client's needs. We have affordable pricing options for qualifying small nonprofits.

CT Services Help Keep Nonprofits in Good Standing

Charitable Solicitation Registration

40 states and the District of Columbia require 501(c)(3) organizations to register with their Department of Charities prior to soliciting donations from the public. CT experts ensure your nonprofit clients are in compliance in every state that requires it.

Sales Tax Exemptions

Sales tax exemptions for nonprofits aren’t clear-cut. Our experts can guide your clients through the regulatory maze so they can take advantage of all applicable exemptions.

Business License Services

Managing business licenses is a crucial but tricky part of your client's operation. We manage the entire lifecycle of a client’s business licenses for you, including the all-important renewals.