Intellectual Property (IP) Due Diligence

We can give you a clear picture of the IP assets of an acquisition target.


  • Years of experience ensure results are delivered in a timely and accurate way
  • Prompt fulfillment so your transactions close on time
  • Streamlined processing and billing keeps administration to a minimum

No surprises

  • Our experience helps keep deals on track with detailed IP due diligence, including:
    • Trade Mark Searches and Filings
    • Copyright Searches and Filings
    • Patent Searches and Filings
  • We perform IP search and filing simultaneously to speed your post-close cleanup

What’s Driving Increased IP Due Diligence Needs?


Deals don’t occur in a vacuum. They exist within a complex landscape of regulations, multiple entities, jurisdictions, and geographies that all must be taken into account for a successful conclusion.


IP assets are assets that can be liened against. That’s what makes it so important to have a correct valuation.


Deal timelines continue to shrink, but risks of a bad deal don’t. The sooner you identify a potential issue, the more likely it can be mitigated without impacting closing.


How can I be sure CT's services will work for my company?

Our solutions are designed to adapt to how you work. Our teams have the deal experience to handle every stage from target evaluation to the high-pressure final moments prior to closing. Learn more about our Due Diligence Services.

Why is IP due diligence important?

Because it’s less tangible than other assets, it can be very difficult to assess the value of intellectual property; more so when you don’t have a full picture of liens, security agreements, or assignments that may encumber it.

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