Service of Process FAQs

How can I serve process on a company that CT represents?

If you need to deliver litigation paperwork or official correspondence to a business that has designated CT as its Registered Agent, you can find state-by-state contact information for our 52 nationwide Service of Process handling centers on the Service of Process Office Locations page.


Can I find out if CT Corporation is the registered agent for a specific company?

CT Corporation is appointed as a registered agent on behalf of businesses and our role is to provide a physical address to accept legal papers and official tax documents. To determine the registered agent on file for a particular company you would contact the Secretary of State. Should you determine that CT is the registered agent for the company in question, please visit the Service of Process Office Locations page to determine the service of process address.


I need to contact someone at a company that CT Corporation represents. Can you provide me with their contact information?

CT is not authorized to distribute any contact information for any of our customers to a third party.  


I need to serve process on a company, but they are registered with CT Corporation in multiple states.  In which state do I serve these papers?

We can’t advise in which state you need to serve your legal papers because each state has different laws and regulations to determine whether a document was served properly. Please check with the company you are attempting to serve or with an attorney to verify which state you need to serve your legal papers. Once you have determined in which state you need to serve the legal papers, please visit the "Service of Process Office Locations" page to determine the service of process address.


Account Management FAQs

How can I contact my CT account team?

If you are an existing customer with a question regarding your account, you can find contact information Service Office Locations page or submit your question online.


How can I contact CT to support my business?

If you are not a current customer but would like to learn more about CT's products and services and how we can help your business succeed, please request information online or call (855) 595-6340 to speak with one of our business compliance consultants.


How can I Unsubscribe from emails?

We don't want to send you anything you're not interested in, so our mailings are divided into groups. You can choose to receive subscribe or unsubscribe here.  Also, you will find a link in the footer of this website and every email that says Manage My Subscription to update your email preference.  You can also sign in to you "My CT Account" at the top of the website to access a link to manage your subscription preferences.

Note that certain emails cannot be unsubscribed from, as these emails are essential notifications about your account.  


Billing / Statement FAQs

How Do I Pay a Bill I received from CT Corporation?

The fastest and most convenient way to make a payment is online. Pay your invoice online here.

If you have a billing question that isn't answered above, you can contact us by:

Calling the phone number listed on your invoice and your Service Team representative can assist you with your questions.

Ask a Billing or Invoice question online via our Contact us page

Where can I get a copy of CT Corporation's W-9 Form?

If you need a copy of CT's Form W-9 taxpayer identification number for invoicing purposes, you can access it in the Payment Center