IntelliChart is an automated summary of search results that pulls data and images from the public record into a chart of results. You export the chart to the file type of your choice (Word, Excel or PDF), review complete collateral descriptions; organize search results to call out critical information; bulk file pre-populated UCC-3s without data entry.

With IntelliChart you can chart your due diligence results in 50-60% less time

Intellichart provides the following searches: Bankruptcy records, Federal and State tax liens, Judgment liens, Litigation records, Real property, UCC liens, and other public records

With IntelliChart™, you increase accuracy and peace of mind. IntelliChart even makes amending UCCs easier and faster. Watch the video and find out how.

Exclusive Value

Other UCC search providers may manually create chart summaries of search results, but the amount of content they provide is limited — lacking, for example, collateral descriptions. With IntelliChart, you get this and more, such as PDF images and the ability to create UCC-3s — all directly from the chart. Bottom line: the manual processes of other providers take time and jeopardize the accuracy of important information.

Simple Process

With each search order, we populate your results and filing images directly into the chart. From there, you can either export results and images into the format of your choice (Word, Excel or PDF),or first use interactive tools to simplify and accelerate the review process.

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for UCCs?

Multiple and changing jurisdictions requirements

Ever-changing jurisdictional requirements can mean missed or incorrect searches.

Lending and Merger Requirements are complex

Missed deadlines can result in lost time and money for you and your clients.

An increasingly complex world

The amount of time and complexity required to manage lien management and debtor due diligence compliance increases year after year.


Why is a UCC Search important?

A UCC is the official mechanism for notifying lenders of a possible conflict in collateral interest, a UCC search conducted at the appropriate state filing office and prior to a transaction closing is critical to the due diligence process.

Do all states require a tax lien search?

State law grants liens for unpaid taxes to the various states, with most requiring that a public notice be filed to document the existence of a state tax lien. Most state tax liens are required to be filed only in a local office, usually the county where the property is located. Other states retain state tax lien filings at both the Secretary of State and a local office.

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