Registering a Business in Delaware

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Most Popular Business Types in Delaware

LLC - Limited Liability Company

Easy to form, simple to maintain, and flexible as your business grows.

S Corporation

S Corporations protect the owners and offer tax benefits.

C Corporation

C Corporation is a well established structure with clear governance requirements.

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CT Expert Insights: Four Reasons to Incorporate in Delaware

Planning to incorporate your business? Delaware has quickly become one of the most popular states to do so. CT’s Senior Manager of Government Relations, Alan Stachura, reviews the top benefits of incorporating in this business-entity-friendly state. ​​

Why should I incorporate my business in Delaware?

Incorporating or forming an LLC in Delaware creates a separate legal entity to transact business that is distinct from its owners. The owners are typically held responsible only for the amount of money personally invested or business debts personally guaranteed. Plus, an LLC or corporation often has enhanced credibility with lenders, potential customers, vendors and employees. Many businesses incorporate or form in Delaware because of its business-friendly laws and modern secretary of state services.

What's required to incorporate in DE?

To incorporate, Delaware requires that you file a Certificate of Incorporation. LLCs must file a Certificate of Formation. Delaware insists that your business name be unique and clearly indicate whether it is an LLC or a Corporation. Corporations must state the number of authorized shares and the par value. Every Delaware LLC and corporation must appoint and maintain an in-state Registered Agent. Corporations must file an annual report and pay a franchise tax. LLCs need not file an annual report, but must pay an annual alternative entity tax

Forming an LLC in Delaware

Are you considering forming an LLC in Delaware? Learn about the requirements.

Five Advantages of Incorporating in Delaware

Many companies chose to incorporate in Delaware because of its business friendly laws. Learn the advantages of incorporating in Delaware.

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Incorporating In Delaware

If you are thinking about incorporating in Delaware, you will find the following information useful.