Global Transactional Services

Our suite of international products and services—available to you as needed—keep you compliant as you do business across the globe.

Global Compliance Services


  • Global services on your schedule
  • Offices and partners around the globe—so we’re there when and where you need us
  • Wherever business takes you, your local needs will be met—accurately and on time

Support for your international needs

  • Certificate of Good Standing (or equivalent)
  • Domiciliation Services
  • Business Licenses
  • Incorporation
  • Liquidation of Entities
  • Search Work
  • Chamber of Commerce Extract
  • Director Changes
  • Translation Services
  • Authentication and Apostille Certification Services
  • International Process Agent Services


"The team was very helpful and responsive and provided excellent customer service."


"The requests went very smoothly & the results came back faster than expected."

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What's Driving the Increased Global Complexity?

Time-intensive Coordination

Managing compliance relationships across multiple regions is costly and inefficient—not to mention risky.

Costly penalties

Missed deadlines, filings or payments can result in lost time and money, governmental penalties and bad public relations.

Unfamiliar territories

Standard requirements and activities become complex in foreign jurisdictions.


Why work with CT rather than an overseas partner?

Managing multiple relationships with partners around the world is complex and time consuming. When you work with us, you only have one number to remember. No matter what the issue, or where it arises, you’ll always have a single point of contact who can address your needs.

I’m not sure which countries we may expand to. Is CT the right partner for me?

CT has offices and partners around the globe. No matter where your business takes you — from Europe to Asia Pacific — we’ll make sure your local needs are met.