Florida Municipal Lien Search

There’s an extra, and necessary, step in many Florida real estate transactions: the municipal lien search. These searches can identify issues that standard title searches won’t, like unrecorded debt. CT can help.

Municipal Florida Lien Search

Uncomplicate Your Search Process

It’s a known nuance of the Florida real estate market: unrecorded liens, fees, and permit violations attach to the property, not to the individual. Municipal lien searches are necessary to identify liens that may not show up under traditional title searches. Many of these lien types may not be filed in the public record and can only be found by specifically requesting a search on the property at the designated local office. Any of the above can delay or sideline a scheduled closing. 

Comprehensive Municipal Lien Search

  • Code/Zoning Violations: building code violations or improper use of land or building in an area
  • Utilities: failure to pay for services such as sewer, water, or garbage
  • Permits: failure to secure or close contractor or electrical permits
  • Special Assessments: liens for community paving, or unpaid condo/HOA fees
  • Taxes: unpaid property taxes

The Benefits a Municipal Lien Search Report Offers

A Single, Trusted Provider

We offer complete municipal lien search services with one call, one invoice, and ease of combining all your lien searches with one reliable, expert, nationwide partner.

No Surprises at Closing

61% of municipal searches uncover some issue. When you work with CT for municipal lien searches, you get benefits beyond a correct and complete search result.

Limit Debts or Penalties

Our services help to uncover issues resulting in a lien that could impact the closing, or saddle the new owner with debts or penalties.

Municipal Lien Search Report

Help ensure your Florida real estate transactions close on time and without incident. The at-a-glance summary design of the report means you can quickly spot issues. Your comprehensive search report also contains all the supporting documentation from each agency so you can see the detail.

“Making sure transactions close smoothly is what we do. Municipal lien searches are part of our ‘check every box’ approach to service.”

- CT Service Team

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