Entity Managed Services

Entity Managed Services is an on-demand information management service for all of your entity compliance documents and information.

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Entity Managed Services: Consider it Done

Keeping entity records up to date is essential but time-consuming. Every year you’re under pressure to do more with less, while constantly balancing multiple demands. Entity Managed Services provides resources and expertise to keep your company data accurate.

Entity Managed Services

Matches Your Workflow

What do Tax, Finance, Legal departments, external auditors and business partners have in common? These stakeholders need access to reliable entity information. The Entity Managed Services (EMS) team keeps your hCue entity data complete, up-to-date, and ready to be shared at a moment’s notice.

Current, Accurate Data

Missing, out of date, or incomplete records can cause compliance headaches: extra work, government penalties and fines, delayed deal closings, and damaged reputations. Adding Entity Managed Services ensures your single source of data is a trusted source.

Extension of Your Team

Our solutions are designed with hands-on input from legal professionals. Every feature is calibrated to fit into real-world workflows. CT’s entity management experts serve as an extension of your back office team. We handle the records while you focus on key business-critical tasks.

Services Include:

  • Account Administration: Grant customized access to new staff and other departments
  • Annual Health Check: We ensure your hCue data matches Secretary of State records
  • Data on Demand: Organizational Charts, Customized Reports, Consent and Resolution Generation
  • Database Customization
  • Documents Management
  • Officers and Directors Updates
  • Real-time Entity Data Updates: Mergers and Acquisitions, Ownership, Governance Information, Foreign Qualifications, Related/Assumed Name


  • Proactive and timely data management service; updates performed as soon as new information is available
  • Entity data needs met for all stakeholders
  • Allows staff to focus on core tasks
  • Predictable cost structure
  • Support adapts to your changing needs

Entity Management Information

Entity Management Solutions

Entity Managed Services One Sheet

hCue Return on Investment Time Study

“Entity Managed Services are a huge timesaver, while also giving peace of mind knowing updates are getting done and entity information is accurate.”

- CT Customer

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for Entity Management Services?

Multiple jurisdictions and geographies

The required regulations, filings, due dates and payments can become overwhelming, especially when managing multiple entities across numerous geographic locations.

Costly penalties

Missed deadlines, filings or payments can result in lost time and money, governmental penalties and bad public relations.

An increasingly complex world

The amount of time and complexity required to manage entity compliance increases year after year.


Why is entity management important?

Errors in entity compliance can be damaging to a company and its brand. Missed deadlines, filings or payments can result in lost time and money, governmental penalties and bad public relations.

How can I be sure CT’s services will work for my company?

We design our solutions to adapt to the way you work—not the other way around. And since all your documents and entity data live in a centralized location, you can be sure you always have the most up-to-date information.

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