Complete due diligence for peace of mind.

Due Diligence Services for CT Corporation

Thorough Searches

When an important deal is on the line, you need to know you’ve uncovered any potential red flags. We offer accurate and timely due diligence services to put your mind at ease and let you focus on other aspects of the deal.

Simplified Process

CT has the expertise and service focus to handle your due diligence throughout the deal lifecycle. And working with a single vendor means you spend less in time and money, and have fewer bills to pay.

Legal Due Diligence

CT’s broad range of legal due diligence services help you identify and mitigate liabilities before you get to the deal table.

Real Estate Property Due Diligence

When a transaction involves real estate, CT can provide in-depth information on the property to help mitigate your risk.

Reputational Due Diligence

CT delivers skilled reputation searches that can protect your business from potentially damaging information in the media that can hurt your deal.

Deal Experts

Our service team has an average of 19 years industry experience to draw upon in evaluating your target. That’s likely why every AmLaw 200 firm and 70% of the NLJ 250 trust us with their due diligence searches.

To the Last Detail

We understand what’s at stake for your business, so you have our absolute dedication and commitment to get every task done completely, without errors and around the clock.

Intellectual Property (IP) Due Diligence

CT can handle the IP due diligence of an acquisition target so you can accurately derive valuations during M&A deals.

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Business License Due Diligence

CT identifies jurisdictional requirements & determines the required forms and filings for business licenses to ensure uninterrupted operations after the deal closes.

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Enhanced Due Diligence: AML/KYC

Learn more about CT's enhanced due diligence services, including AML watchlist searches and more.

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Industry Specific Due Diligence

CT offers specialized due diligence services for M&A deals in finance, manufacturing, real estate, pharma, and other industries.

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UCC Filings

Manage your UCC filing process online or let us handle all your UCC filings for you. Either way, you’ll benefit from speed and cost savings every time you file.

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