Real Estate Property Due Diligence

When a transaction involves real estate, we can provide in-depth information on the property to help mitigate your risk.


  • Expert service team that ensures the scope of the search uncovers any issues
  • Identification of any factors that could limit the use and value of the property
  • Streamlined processing and billing keeps administration to a minimum

A solid foundation for your deal

  • Proceed with confidence, knowing you have all the intelligence on the owner, value, and liens
    • Owner/Mortgage/Encumbrance Searches
    • 10-year Grantee/Grantor Searches
    • Coop Board Minute Searches
    • Chain of Title
    • Tax Assessor Searches
    • EPA Lien Search
    • Mechanics Lien Search

What's Driving Real Estate Due Diligence Needs?


Deals don’t occur in a vacuum. They exist within a complex landscape of regulations, multiple entities, jurisdictions, and geographies that all must be taken into account for a successful conclusion.


Real Property due diligence can be expensive, especially if you pay for services you don’t need. If your deal does not require title insurance, CT can help you reduce costs by focusing just on the due diligence.


Deal timelines continue to shrink, but risks of a bad deal don’t. The sooner you identify a potential issue, the more likely it can be mitigated without impacting closing.


How can I be sure CT's services will work for my company?

Our solutions are designed to adapt to how you work. Our teams have the deal experience to handle every stage from target evaluation to the high-pressure final moments prior to closing. Learn more about our Due Diligence Services.

Why is due diligence important?

Recent court decisions have shown that deals in the works for years can be scuttled by a single missing document, highlighting the critical importance of thorough, and meticulous, due diligence.

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