Dan Lias

Transactional Business Consultant

Daniel W. Lias is the Transactional business consultant in the Chicago office of CT. He works primarily with area law firms in terms of their due diligence searches and filings. He shares market knowledge with the firms and assists in developing a strategy that meets the firm’s specific needs. He graduated from the University of South Dakota Law School and has several years of experience working with UCC related issues in both his private practice and when he was corporate counsel for an invoice factoring firm. He is a member of the South Dakota State Bar Association, The Chicago Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Dan regularly finds unique ways to assist his clients. Recently a Chicago law firm asked for his assistance to help inform their client about efficient due diligence practices. He organized a private CLE seminar with the law firm and the firm’s client. This helped the law firm add value to their client service and strengthened the relationship between the law firm, their client and CT Corporation. It was a triple value-add win. 

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