Corporate Tax Registration & Requirements

Withholding, Unemployment, Sales and Use taxes can be complex for Corporations and LLCs. We’ll help you figure out your requirements to avoid common tax penalties and fees.

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What are the corporate tax and reporting requirements?

Every corporation must file returns and pay taxes at the federal and state levels, including in its formation state as well as any other state where it transacts business. Business may also be responsible for collecting taxes paid by others and remitting those amounts to the government. Each business has its own specific requirements, which are determined by the business activity, location, and other details.

Most states have sales and use taxes. These are taxes imposed upon the gross amount involved in certain transactions. Sales taxes are primarily imposed on the retail sale of various types of tangible personal property. Several states also impose sales taxes on rentals, sales of services, and other transactions. Use taxes are imposed upon the use, storage, or consumption of tangible personal property not subject to the sales tax. The use tax rate is always the same as the sales tax rate. Businesses are generally required to obtain a license or permit before doing business in the state.

Common types of taxes you may need to register for

  • Withholding tax:  A corporation employing people in states with an income tax must withhold this tax from their wages. 
  • Unemployment tax:  Employers are required to obtain unemployment insurance and fund compensation programs.

  • Sales tax:  Imposed on the retail sale of various types of tangible personal property as well as services, rentals, admissions fees, and other less tangible items.

  • Use tax:  Imposed on the use, storage, or consumption of tangible personal property that is not subject to a sales tax.

As your compliance partner, CT helps you track requirements and ensure your registrations are set up correctly

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We compile the forms you need, sift out the ones you don’t and submit your applications in the required formats, timeframes, and locations.

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We keep an eye on the process for you and confirm upon completion so you’re never left to wonder about your registration status.

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