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International Registered Agent, Office or Address

Whether your business is planning to expand overseas or is already globalized, CT Corporation has the experience, knowledge and long-standing relationships to guide you through and keep you informed.

In a globalized economy, the importance of registered agent, office or address services doesn’t stop at the U.S. border. Businesses need to know quickly when international regulatory or legal notifications are served on them. Familiarity with local rules and processes in international business centers is a must.

Appoint an Agent with Worldwide Reach & Authority

CT Corporation can ease the burden of international compliance and keep your business informed with global representation services. We have established relationships with local vendors and government officials around the world.  Your business can benefit from our knowledgeable consultative services, including expedited document translation. Let us act as your single registered agent for every one of your jurisdictions, here and abroad—consolidate your corporate compliance efforts and costs.

International Registered Agent, Office or Address Services are offered in these countries:

• Argentina • Aruba • Australia
• Austria • Belgium • Bermuda
• Bolivia • Bonaire • Brazil
• British Virgin Islands • Bulgaria • Canada
• Cayman Islands • Chile • China
• Columbia • Costa Rica • Croatia
• Curacao • Cyprus • Czech Republic
• Denmark • Dominican Republic • Ecuador
• El Salvador • Estonia • Finland
• France • Germany • Guatemala
• Guernsey (Channel Islands) • Honduras • Hong Kong
• Hungary • India • Indonesia
• Ireland • Israel • Italy
• Jamaica • Japan • Jersey (Channel Islands)
• Kazakhstan • Korea • Labuan
• Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg
• Malaysia • Malta • Mauritius
• Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand
• Nicaragua • Norway • Panama
• Paraguay • Peru • Philippines
• Poland • Portugal • Qatar
• Romania • Russia • Samoa
• Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia
• Slovenia • South Africa • Spain
• Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan
• Thailand • Turkey • Ukraine
• United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom (UK) • United States of America (USA)
• Uruguay • Venezuela • Vietnam

Due to key differences in law regimes throughout the world, the role of the registered agent is not recognized in every country. In such cases, CT provides filing assistance through a local representative. Please contact the team for more details.

Global Business Expansion Guides

We know that a lot of thought and research goes into where you decide to grow your business. Details like market opportunity, regulations and filings, and hiring skilled workers are just some of the factors when deciding to enter a new market. We’re here to help. In our global business expansion guides, we’ve listed the top challenges and opportunities for the leading countries for U.S expansion. No matter what country works best for your company, we can help you do business there.

To learn more about how CT can help you better manage your global compliance needs, contact a CT representative at 844-318-1457 (toll-free US).


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