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Representation Services

Registered agent services should complement and enhance corporate compliance and business best practices. Sometimes these services are required by law for service of process and entity compliance purposes; other times, certain contracts and transactions may use these services to protect all parties involved. In every case, these services should integrate with your business’s workflows, improving efficiency, speed and communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Products & Services for Corporations

CT Corporation can tailor representation solutions that cover all entities and jurisdictions, domestic or international. Our expertise extends to every U.S. jurisdiction and 160 countries worldwide. Backed by a network of 4,300 correspondents and industry-leading technology, we handle all representation situations and consolidate all of your businesses’ compliance efforts into a single web-based workspace. Partner with some of the best minds in legal compliance and registered agent services.

Your registered agent is your company’s partner in entity compliance. Choose wisely.

Ease the burden of international compliance and keep your business informed with global representation services.

Efficiently manage these notifications and leave more time for your response strategy.

Whether you need automatic SOP routing or manually review them before routing, our Service of Process Workflow Management solution can help minimize risks and improve efficiencies.

Securely integrate CT’s SOP platform with your enterprise systems such as matter management solutions and wage garnishment interfaces to eliminate default judgments and reduce costs.

Does your company operate under more than one name or brand? Register any assumed names and secure registered agent services in the required jurisdictions.

Keep all parties to private contracts informed about any lawsuits or legal actions regarding the agreements.

Simplify your FMCA registered agent compliance—let us act as your company’s single agent in all 49 required jurisdictions.

Manage your representation at all levels with a single-source registered agent that can handle notifications for every jurisdiction.


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