Business Licenses Package
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Business Licenses

  • Business Licenses Package
  • All the licensing applications and instructions you need to operate your business legally (Application for 1 city / 1 county / 1 state).

Additional Compliance Needs for Contracting Companies

Certificate of Good Standing
Registered Agent Services
Foreign Qualification
Dissolution or Withdrawal

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Why You Need Business Licenses

Sample of required licenses for a General Contractor in NY

- 1 x Federal License
- 1 x County License
- 4 x State Licenses
- 4 x Local Licenses

Don’t let permits and state legal requirements slow down your ability to bid, build, and get new business. 

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Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc., Kansas

As a small business, it's extremely time-consuming to assure compliance with the never-ending and frequent changes in laws, regulations and specific jurisdiction rules. However, with CT on our side, compliance is no longer a concern.

Building Envelope Representatives, LLC, Oregon

"I liked being able to place a telephone call, speak with a real person, explain my needs, and receive an immediate favorable response."

The Engineering Architecture and Design Services Group, Inc.

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Is Your Construction Company in Good Standing?

In order to be in good standing your construction company must meet all the business compliance obligations imposed by the state. This includes having an in-state registered agent; filing annual information reports, and paying any fees and franchise taxes imposed by the state for the privilege of doing business there. A Certificate of Good Standing is issued by the state when all these requirements have been met. Falling out of good standing limits your ability to do business and, if the lapse continues long enough, could expose you to personal liability for business debts.

Why Construction Companies Need an Expert Registered Agent

Construction companies must juggle multiple deadlines, comply with complex regulations and licensing requirements, and manage a diverse workforce--all on the tightest of budgets. A professional registered agent can help protect your business by ensuring annual reporting obligations don't get overlooked. And, a professional registered agent is always available during working hours to accept service of process and important state documents and ensure that they reach the right people in time for you to take action. You don't need to worry about missing important documents while you are out on the job site.

Construction & Contracting Success Stories

CT helped Construction and Contracting Companies with their compliance requirements, including registered agent appointments and annual report filings.

How Can I Be Sure My Construction Company Is Properly Licensed?

Every state and local government imposes a wide variety of license and permit requirements on construction companies. These range from requirements that contractors be specifically licensed by the state (e.g., residential building contractors) to local permits required for excavation and building. In most cases, determining the necessary licenses and permits is time-consuming and exasperating. Yet, proceeding without the necessary licenses can spell disaster. CT's Business License Application package will save you time and aggravation by pulling together forms, instructions and filing tips you need in order to do business in a new location.

Does My Construction Company Need to Register in a New State?

If your business constructs, alters, remodels or repairs buildings, then you will probably need to register as a foreign corporation (or LLC) in every state where you are working--even if you are only involved in one project in that state. Factors that trigger the need for registration are using local labor on the job site, supplying services available form local contractors, and an extended time period for completion. Many states require foreign qualification as part of the contractor licensing process. Foreign qualification involves filing registration documents with the new state and appointing an in-state registered agent.