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As your business grows, so will your compliance needs. We work with businesses of all sizes, and we can draw on our wealth of experience to make sure any new issues you face are deal with appropriately and in a timely manner.

Expertise at your service.

Our comprehensive services and tools are developed with an intimate understanding of the regulatory landscape and the challenges your business faces. Whether we file your annual report or manage all your compliance needs, you can count on us.

Annual Report Filing Services

CT's Electronic Filing tools lets you submit, confirm and monitor your annual report filings online. Plus, our experienced service teams are here to help you, and answer your questions.

Annual Report Managed Services

Let CT proactively manage your complete annual report process for you. From start to finish, month to month, our team becomes an extension of your team, to protect your business as if it were our own.

Annual Report Preparation & Filing

We do all the preparation work, including preparing all of the forms and verifying your information, all the way to submitting the annual report with the state notifying you of the successful filing.

Business License Research Package

Quickly and accurately, we assemble a business license package with all the licensing applications and instructions your business may need. 

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Business License Services

No matter where your business takes you, we offer simple solutions that put you in control of your business license, permit, and registration obligation.

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Business License Software

Easily track and maintain your business license data with our secure web application.

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Business License Managed Services

We manage the lifecycle of all your business licenses and provide ongoing support for exceptions to your core business license program.

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Entity Managed Services

We provide a full-service, end-to-end solution that’s capable of handling all your entity management needs for you.

hCue Entity Management

This secure and centralized entity compliance management platform offers customizable features and workflow integration.

Global Transactional Services

Rely on CT's suite of international products and services—available to you as needed—to keep you compliant as you do business across the globe.

Request a Custom Quote

Have a specific question about a product? A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.