If your business has lost good standing and has been administratively dissolved by the state, you can apply for reinstatement. In order to be reinstated, a business must file all past-due annual reports, pay all taxes, interest, and penalties. We can help you reinstate it and get things back on track.

Corporate Reinstatement with CT Corporation

Reinstatement $249

+ State fees

Act Quickly Before It’s Too Late

Most states allow a limited period of time to reinstate your good standing; otherwise, they may administratively dissolve your company or revoke your right to do business, exposing you to liability. Respond early to limit the damage done. We’re here to alleviate any uncertainties about your legal status.

How We’ll Help You Turn it Around:

  • Identify the steps you need to take to regain your good standing, even if you’re at square one
  • Calculate any overdue fees owed to the state
  • Obtain the necessary forms and audit them to spot errors
  • Submit your completed forms to the right state agencies
  • Notify you as soon as your reinstatement is complete

Talk to a Specialist

Have a specific question about a product? A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.

Reinstatement FAQs

What’s involved in the reinstatement process?

First, you must determine what caused your company to forfeit its good standing and make amends by filing delinquent forms and paying any outstanding fees and penalties. Then, you must submit an application for reinstatement to the state. Our compliance experts will guide you throughout every step of the process.

When is reinstatement required?

Reinstatement is necessary if your company loses good standing in any state where it’s registered to do business. Failing to file annual reports on time is the most common reason for loss of good standing status. If your company has already been administratively dissolved, some states may allow reinstatement.