Dissolution or Withdrawal

Changes in circumstances can prompt you to withdraw from a state or even to close your doors completely. CT’s highly experienced experts will guide you through the process.

Corporate Dissolution or Withdrawal Services

Our Knowledge Can Help You Exit Smoothly

If you discontinue business in a state where you had foreign qualified, you must file Articles of Withdrawal to avoid fines, penalties, and a potential loss of liability protection. If you’re shutting down completely, you must file Articles of Dissolution to terminate your company’s existence. Our specialists will examine your situation and thoroughly manage every detail.

CT Supports You Throughout the Process:

  • Consulting you for all the information necessary to wrap things up
  • Advising you if a tax clearance letter is required
  • Attentively preparing and checking your filing to ensure it meets all state requirements, being careful to tie up loose ends
  • Submitting your signed documents to the state and keeping an eye on the process for you
  • Delivering your official dissolution documents upon approval


I turned to CT to handle a recent dissolution because I wanted to make sure it was done right in every jurisdiction

“After two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and advisor to entrepreneurs, I know that it’s just as important to dissolve a company properly as it is to form it properly. I turned to CT to handle a recent dissolution because I know there are several steps involved—different in each state—and I wanted to make sure it was done right in every jurisdiction. My service representative took care of everything. I felt confident knowing I had experts managing the whole process.” - Robert Keller, Entrepreneur and Business Development Professional

Dissolution or Withdrawal FAQs

Does the dissolution process differ for LLCs and corporations?

Although the requirements vary from state to state, the dissolution process generally stays the same for both. CT’s well-practiced professionals are are standing by to answer your questions about the rules in your state.

Why might a business voluntarily dissolve?

For many reasons: The company may not be profitable enough to continue operations. There may be a management deadline over the company’s future direction. Or, the owners may simply wish to move on to a new venture.

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