Business Form Conversion

Business has evolved, and your original structure is no longer is the best fit—no problem. We’ll help you convert a corporation to or from an LLC, ensuring it’s done the right way.

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CT Makes It Possible and Painless

Whether it’s an LLC, a corporation, or other business type, each one has its own set of restrictions and opportunities. For example, a corporation can garner venture capital more readily than an LLC. Although the requirements vary, most states allow businesses to convert from one to another. Rest assured, CT’s compliance experts know the ins and outs of every state's conversion process.

How CT Helps You Get Where You Want to Be:

  • Consulting with you to confirm your choices and gather all required information
  • Providing clarity and insight into the conversion process in your state
  • Filling out the right forms, and promptly submitting them to the appropriate state agencies
  • Monitoring the process, notifying you when it’s complete, and delivering your state-approved documents at the earliest opportunity

Business Form Conversions FAQs

Does converting a company have tax implications?

Yes, there may be significant tax consequences, both at the time of conversion and going forward. For example, if you convert a corporation to an LLC, both the corporation and its shareholders may be taxed. It’s best to consult an accountant or tax advisor for advice on your particular situation.

Is an amendment different from a conversion?

Yes, filing to convert your corporation or LLC to another business type (conversion) is a different process from changing the number, par value, or type of authorized shares, or the number of directors (amendment).

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