Foreign Qualification Services with CT Corporation

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Foreign Qualification/Certificate of Authority $463 + State Fees

  • Legal Document Preparation
  • We preparation of all legal documents to register your company to do business in a new state.

  • Filing Foreign Qualification/Certificate of Authority
  • We file the Foreign Qualification/Certificate of Authority forms with the state, monitor the process, and promptly deliver the final paperwork to you upon approval.

  • Name Availability Check
  • We check the availability of your desired business name with the state.


Registered Agent Services
Business License Research Package
Certificate of Good Standing
Annual Report Preparation & Filing

Why Choose CT?

  • Designated experts to answer your questions
  • No hidden fees
  • Online compliance portal to easily file your legal documents
  • Compliance alerts to help you track your Franchise Tax due dates
  • Resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest compliance news
  • Nationwide presence – in all 50 states 
  • 120 years of experience, and the expertise to help at every stage of your business

What does foreign qualification mean? 

Foreign qualification is the process of formally registering your corporation, nonprofit, or LLC in a state other than your formation state. To do so you need to file an application for a certificate of authority in the state where you want to expand your business. 

What They Say About CT


"When our growing company needed to do business in additional states quickly, CT was prompt, efficient, and got us what we needed when we needed it. They make sure we never miss a step."

Ankura Consulting Group, Texas

"I strongly recommend CT as a professional, cooperative and reliable corporate compliance partner."

Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc., Kansas

Questions? We Can Help

Streamline Interstate Expansion

Registering to do business in a new state (“foreign qualification”) puts you on equal footing with domestic companies, ensuring access to local courts. Beyond efficiency, retaining your name reaffirms your commitment to existing customers while building an attractive legacy for new ones. Our knowledge around the complexities of interstate business makes us a valuable resource as you grow.

CT Customers Rely on Us To:

  • Look into the requirements of each state and help you choose the foreign qualification package that best suits your goals
  • Advise you on each state’s naming requirements and perform a name check for availability
  • Meticulously complete your Certificate of Authority, the document you need for each state where you wish to do business
  • File paperwork with the Secretary of State and monitor the process on your behalf
  • Promptly deliver your Certificate of Authority  upon approval

Why Choose CT?


122 years of compliance expertise, with clients in 40 countries.


65% of Fortune 500 companies trust us with their compliance.


Personal representatives who support you across the life of your business.

Foreign Qualification FAQs

Can I file the foreign qualification forms myself?

You can prepare and file the Certificate of Authority yourself, but most business owners find that keeping track of various state requirements and filing dates takes up a frustrating amount of their time. CT’s experts can help you speed through the process—even if you didn’t form your business with us.

When do I need to foreign qualify my business?

You must foreign qualify whenever you’re “doing business” in a state. Although we recommend the advice of an attorney, you’ll probably need to foreign qualify if you have either employees or a physical presence in the new state, or if you routinely accept orders or execute contracts there.

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