Apostille & Gold Seal Authentication

Businesses of all sizes can expand their markets by operating abroad. But to do so, your documents need either Apostille or “gold seal” authentication. CT can put all the pieces together for you.

Apostille & Gold Seal Authentication

Prepare to Do Business Beyond Borders

To conduct transactions overseas, such as opening a foreign bank account, a U.S. business must present an Apostillized copy of its Articles of Incorporation (or Articles of Organization). However, some countries require not an Apostille, but a certified copy bearing a special gold seal instead.

CT Helps You Get Everything In Order:

  • Determining which type of authentication you need, based on your goals
  • Preparing and filing the necessary documents with the state
  • Monitoring the process after submission
  • Getting the sanctioned documents into your hands ASAP

Apostille and Gold Seal Authentication FAQs

What is legalization?

The purpose of legalization is to verify the origin of a legal or public document in order to legally use it in a country other than the one that issued it. The process involves obtaining a series of authentications by individual officials of both the country where the document was issued, and the embassy or consulate of the country where the document will be used. There are only two paths to accomplish this—Authentication and Apostille.

What is Gold Seal certification?

In place of an Apostille, countries that do not participate in the Hague Convention may demand a copy of your Articles of Incorporation/Organization validated by a formal gold seal. Unlike the Apostille, you may still be required to take additional steps for your documents to be fully recognized.

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