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Managing business licenses is a crucial but tricky part of your business. Our range of business license solutions can help you stay compliant.


A partner you can trust

We know the requirements you face today and have the expertise to anticipate what’s ahead. We’ll make sure you make every deadline, resolve every issue, and cross every T.

Manage the complexity

There are over 75,000 federal, state, and local jurisdictions to keep track of. As their compliance requirements become more complex, we’re the partner that can help you manage it all.

CT is here to help you with Business Licenses needs

Business License Managed Services

We manage the lifecycle of all your business licenses and provide ongoing support for exceptions to your core business license program.

Business License Software

Easily track and maintain your business license data with our secure, business license web application software.

Business License Research Package

Find out exactly which licenses, permits, and tax registrations are required for your business. Quickly and accurately, CT assembles a package with all licensing applications and instructions you need.

Business Licenses Articles & Guides

Whether you are a small business or international corporation, it is important to stay compliant by obtaining the necessary business licenses and permits required for you to do business. Read More

CT Expert Insights: Navigating the Business License Compliance Landscape

CT’s Senior Product Manager, Rob Cappella, breaks down how to better navigate this landscape and what to look for when selecting a business license partner. ​

Find Out How Many Licenses Your Business Needs

With CT's Business License Preview, find out exactly which licenses, permits, and tax registrations are required for your business.

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for Business Licenses?

Lack of information

Information is hard to find online—sometimes it’s not there at all.

Multiple licensing authorities

Understanding and knowing how to comply with federal, state, and local regulations can be daunting.

Constant changes

Regulations are constantly in flux, making it easy for things to fall through the cracks.

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