The complexity of business licenses made simple.

Business License Solutions with CT Corporation

A partner you can trust

We know the requirements you face today and have the expertise to anticipate what’s ahead. We’ll make sure you make every deadline, resolve every issue, and cross every T.

Manage the complexity

There are over 75,000 federal, state, and local jurisdictions to keep track of. As their compliance requirements become more complex, we’re the partner that can help you manage it all.

Stay compliant with all your business licenses and permits. From software to managed
services, CT’s full suite of solutions make it simple to organize, track and
manage all your licensing needs. See how CT can help you in this short video.

From Help with Applications to Fully Managed Services - CT Is Here

Business License Research Package

If you're starting or expanding a business, we can assemble a package with all the licensing applications and instructions you need.

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Business License Services

No matter where your business takes you, we offer simple solutions that put you in control of your business license, permit, and registration obligation.

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Business License Software

Easily track and maintain your business license data with our secure web application.

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Business License Managed Services

We'll manage the lifecycle of all your business licenses and provide ongoing support for exceptions to your core business license program.

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Knowledgeable experts.

We’ve worked in the ever-changing world of regulations and legal compliance for over 120 years. There’s nothing we haven’t seen, and nothing we can’t handle.

Clear path forward.

Reduce the uncertainty surrounding business licenses with our simple solutions that organize, track and manage all your licensing needs.

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Annual Report Managed Services

Let CT proactively manage your complete annual report process for you. From start to finish, month to month, our team becomes an extension of your team, to protect your business as if it were our own.

Entity Managed Services

We provide a full-service, end-to-end solution that’s capable of handling all your entity management needs for you.

Global Transactional Services

When you’re ready to expand your business overseas, we’ll use our unmatched experience and global footprint to customize the right solutions for your needs.

Download a Sample Business License Package

Virtually every business must obtain a variety of business licenses, permits and registrations before opening its doors to the public. See how federal, state and local requirements translate into the license requirements for a particular business.

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