Business License Due Diligence

You want to get down to business after the deal closes. We identify the jurisdictional requirements to ensure continual, uninterrupted operations of your new business assets.

Business License Due Diligence


  • Complete handling of filings with the jurisdiction for peace of mind knowing your business is in compliance
  • Expertise that saves initial research time and reduces risk of incorrect interpretation or missed requirements
  • Dedicated point of contact throughout the process from your service team

We handle every step

  • Research to determine business license jurisdictional filing requirements
  • Filing of required forms/data for business licenses to enable compliance
  • Confirmation of acceptance by the jurisdiction
  • Delivery of the license to you

What's Driving Increased Business License Due Diligence Needs?

Constant Changes

Regulations are constantly in flux, making it easy for things to fall through the cracks.

Need for Coordination

Managing multiple entities, jurisdictions and geographies requires streamlined internal processes to keep in compliance.


Business licenses differ by county and state, so you’ll need the resources to ensure each one is compliant, and stays that way.


How can I be sure CT's services will work for my company?

Our solutions are designed to adapt to how you work. Our teams have the deal experience to handle every stage from target evaluation to the high-pressure final moments prior to closing. Learn more about our Due Diligence Services.

Why is business license due diligence important?

Changes in licensing requirements can have serious impacts to the operation of your business. Due diligence helps keep you in compliance—and in business—by keeping you apprised of changes such as renewal requirements.

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