Business License Compliance Requires Accurate Research

Researching and confirming requirements is the biggest obstacle to full license compliance. With 75,000+ federal, state, and local jurisdictions to monitor and 65% of requirements changing each year, it’s a moving target that puts a time-consuming, high-risk burden on your team.

Business License Compliance is Complex

In our article, “Research: The First Step in Business License Compliance,” learn more about business license challenges such as what needs to be researched with the licensing authorities, obstacles to finding the information you need, ordinary business activities that can trigger new license requirements, and real world examples non-compliance costs.

Expertise You Can Trust

At CT, we understand the importance of this crucial step. As the most experienced business license compliance provider, we make sure our customers start with the most accurate research, tailored to their business. The result? CT has a 99% client retention rate for business license managed services. ​

Request a Business License Risk Assessment

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