Assumed Name Managed Service

Protect your good name. CT has an established process to keep your assumed names in good standing.


  • An up-to-date and accurate assumed name portfolio
  • Save time monitoring multiple names in multiple jurisdictions
  • Avoid risks like inability to operate or criminal penalties
  • Work with a dedicated point of contact for all your needs and inquiries
  • Get full control via consistent and regular interaction with your point of contact


We keep you fully informed as we expertly handle all filing requirements

  • Provide a pre-filing summary of voluntary assumed name renewals six weeks prior to the renewal month
  • Prepare and file your required applications, and handle fee calculations and payments on your behalf
  • Complete assumed name renewals via a power of attorney where acceptable
  • Secure assumed name filing certificates and other evidence of filing acceptance
  • Prepare a post-filing summary of renewal information for the current accounting period
  • Provide a single monthly invoice for all your transactions


What's Driving the Increased Complexity for Assumed Names

Inconsistent Regulations

The filing information required varies not only from state to state, but often by entity types within a given state.

What Qualifies as “Doing Business?”

Most often, the term is defined by the courts, rather than the statute, based upon specific facts and circumstances.

Penalties of Not Filing an Assumed Name

The individual negotiating and entering into contracts for the entity can end up being personally liable.

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