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Our Annual Report Solutions keep your business compliant with your state's annual report requirements.

Annual Report & Franchise Tax Services

Annual Report Filing Services

CT's Electronic Filing tools lets you submit, confirm and monitor your annual report filings online. Plus, our experienced service teams are here to help you, and answer your questions.

Annual Report Preparation & Filing

We do all the preparation work, including preparing all of the forms and verifying your information, all the way to submitting the annual report with the state notifying you of the successful filing.

Annual Report Managed Services

Let CT proactively manage your complete annual report process for you. From start to finish, month to month, our team becomes an extension of your team, to protect your business as if it were our own.

Keep up to date

To keep your business running smoothly, it’s absolutely vital that you remain compliant with state annual report requirements. We’ll make sure you meet all your deadlines and stay up to date.

An experienced partner

With so much at stake, it’s nice to know you have an experienced partner who will help you steer clear of problems.

Knowledgeable experts

We've worked in the ever-changing world of regulations and legal compliance for over 125 years. There's nothing we haven't seen, and nothing we can't handle.

All your needs in one place

Organize and track your compliance across multiple jurisdictions through all the layers of complexity—giving you more efficiency, consistency, and time.

CT’s Annual Report Managed Services is an efficient outsourcing solution to keep your entities in good standing. See how CT can help you in this short video.

Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Reports

What is the purpose of annual reports?

Not all states have annual reports. Some have biennial reports (due every other year) instead. Whether annual or biennial, the primary purpose of a company’s annual report remains the same. An Annual Report provides updated information on the business. Many details for a business can change in the course of a year. The business may have moved locations. Management of the business might have changed. The annual report provides states with a means for keeping updated information on businesses.

Does my business really need to file an annual report?

Chances are, yes. Nearly every state requires an annual information report from every corporation and LLC that operates under its jurisdiction. Your company is required to file in the state where you first formed as well as in every other state where you’re registered to do business.

What happens if I don’t file a required report?

If you file late or fail to file altogether, you’ll probably incur a few serious fines and penalties. Your business may lose its good standing in that state. Worse, you could face administrative dissolution or a revocation of authority to do business in the state—jeopardizing your protection from business debts.

What happens if regulations change, how will I know my filing is correct?

Our in-house legal team tracks legislative and regulatory changes, so you can be sure that every filing is accurate.

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