Annual Report Preparation & Filing

Annual reports are essential to keep your LLC or corporation in good standing.

Filing Accurately and On Time Is Critical

Almost every state requires annual reporting to keep track of LLCs and corporations operating within its borders. While the forms typically call for basic information, they can be time-consuming and cryptic, especially if you do business in multiple states. CT files your reports to every state spec, helping you to avoid the harsh penalties associated with tardiness and inaccuracies.

CT Makes Compliance Effortless:

  • We verify your information is up-to-date and compute any franchise tax owed—one less set of numbers for you to crunch
  • Our detail-driven experts then take on the responsibility of finalizing the report—so you can focus on your day-to-day
  • We promptly file your completed documents on your behalf—no need for you to slog through the filing process
  • We provide you with confirmation of filing—so you’ll know you’ve fulfilled your obligations to stay in good standing

Annual Report Due Dates per States & Entity Types

If you form a business entity with the state, you may be required to file periodic reports on the status of your entity to preserve your good standing and state registration. Each state has its own rules, and the rules may differ based on entity type. The following chart highlights the frequency and due dates for these state annual reports for five entity types.  

*Information current as of August 1, 2016. 

* Entities operating on a fiscal year basis other than a calendar year may have a different due date.

** This state allows certain business entities to select their own due date. 

- All reports are due on an annual basis, unless otherwise indicated

- Due dates marked as “Anniversary” refer to the anniversary date of the entity’s organization or qualification in that state 

- Limited Liability Partnerships may owe an annual report, a registration renewal or both. States with renewal requirements are designated as Renewal in the chart below.

- Information Current as of August 1, 2016. This chart is not intended to provide legal advice. The following information is provided as general guidance.


Annual Report FAQs

What information is required in an annual report?

A state annual report is not the same as the more comprehensive report you may prepare for investors. Most states require only basic contact information: company name and place of business, Registered Agent name and address, as well as names of directors, officers, or managers.

Does my business really need to file an annual report?

Chances are, yes. Nearly every state requires an annual information report from every corporation and LLC that operates under its jurisdiction. Your company is required to file in the state where you first formed as well as in every other state where you’re registered to do business.

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