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Ethical Boardroom Magazine
Antonio Soler | August 16, 2019

4 Global Entity Management Trends to Watch

What global trends are driving organizations to step up their compliance efforts? Read more

Scot Ferraro | February 5, 2018

7 Sales Skills Learned Stalking and Photographing Wildlife

To get pictures of majestic wild animals requires going where they are and thinking the way they think. Read more...

smallbiz daily
Scot Ferraro | December 11, 2017

Should You Do Business with Amazon, How to Increase Brand Awareness, Business Travel Secrets and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

12 things entrepreneurs need to know.

Bar Business Magazine
Scot Ferraro | November 8, 2017

Is Your House In Order?

Tips to ensure your business's licenses and permits are in good standing. Read more…

Legaltech news
Mark Williams | November 8, 2017

@#$@#%%? What Not to Name Your Business

Don’t buy that domain name until you’ve checked your state’s restrictions. Here's 10 words and phrases that often trip people up. Read more…


Commercial Construction & Renovation
Scot Ferraro | November 12, 2017

5 tips for ensuring your business's licensing, permits

Perfect location. Right price. Buyers lining up with open pockets. It's the ideal setup for any construction project … only if all your business licenses and permits are in order. Read more…

Scot Ferraro | November 4, 2017

Do You Have A License For That? 4 Tips for Aspiring Kidpreneurs

With the holidays quickly approaching, kids may be ramping up their entrepreneurial efforts to afford the same gadgets and apps that their friends are fiddling with all day. Read more…

New York Law Journal
John Weber | October 27, 2017

Preparing for the Future of M&A

John Weber writes: As we look to the future, the only certainty is that if a law firm doesn’t make the move to the best and most advanced technologies, others in the industry will, giving those advanced firms a competitive advantage and allowing them to close their deals first. Read more…

smallbiz daily
Scot Ferraro | August 21, 2017

7 Quirky Business Licenses You Won’t Believe Exist

The laws might be quirky, but the consequences of not having the right license or permit can be serious. Business owners lose revenue, face closure and even risk jail time when they don’t comply with legal requirements. Read more…

Modern Restaurant Management
Scot Ferraro | July 25, 2017

Is Your House in Order?

Excellent location. A perfect menu. Just the right color scheme in the dining room. It all adds up to the makings of a great restaurant … but only if all the business’s licenses and permits are in order. Read more…

Retail CIO Outlook
Scot Ferraro | July 14, 2017

5 Tips To Make Sure Your Business Opens As Scheduled With Right Permits in Hand

While permitting and licensing may seem ancillary, it fast becomes a core business function when not handled properly. Read more…

Corporate Compliance Insights
Scot Ferraro | June 29, 2017

Knock, Knock. Is That a City Inspector… Or a Hired Gun?

Compliance is always in a company’s best interest, but when regulators are able to spread the work around, any violations may be unearthed sooner. Read more...

Manufacturing Business Technology
Scot Ferraro | May 30, 2017

Political, Competitive Pressures Could Spark Reshoring Boom

Offshoring, or moving operations overseas, became a central strategy for millions of American businesses over the last two decades. But today, some are assessing whether to hit the brakes or even reverse course. Read more...

LegalTech News
John Weber | January 30, 2017

New Year, New Cyberthreat? Small Business in the Crosshairs

Many entrepreneurs are seeking counsel from lawyers. Here’s what law firms need to know to protect their small business clients. Read more...

Rex Caswell | October 10 , 2016

From Active Duty to Business Success

The legislation will make it easier for veterans to start new businesses in Florida, where construction is on the upswing. It's also one of dozens of laws across the country that allow veterans to apply their military experience and skills toward requirements for credentials for civilian employment. Read more...

Delaware Online
CT | October 5 , 2016

Delaware libraries to add online incorporation service

Everyone knows libraries are where you go for books, movies and magazines. But the public library system in Delaware also soon could become the go-to spot for local entrepreneurs looking to incorporate their businesses. Read more...

Rex Caswell | June 13, 2016

A Growing Number of State Programs Benefit Veteran Entrepreneurs

A growing number of states are encouraging entrepreneurship among veterans by either waiving or steeply discounting fees for new business incorporation and annual report filing -- a move that can save veterans hundreds of dollars or more. Read more...

Accounting Today
Jason Erb and Mark Luscombe | April 19, 2016

Federal Tax Exclusion for Small Business Investment Here to Stay

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses make up more than 99.7 percent of all employers and provide jobs for about half of the nation’s private workforce. Recognizing the value of investment in small business, Congress has long permitted some (or all) of the gain from the sale of qualified small business stock to be excluded from income. Read more...

New York Business Journal
Jason Erb | March 29, 2016

What 'foreign' companies doing business in New York need to know about unpaid wages

A new amendment to New York business law could make shareholders of “foreign” corporations obligated to personally cover unpaid wages. Read more...

Elaine Pofedlt | March 14, 2016

Improperly closed business can cause tax collection headaches

I used to have a business in California eight years ago. It was a restaurant. I sold the restaurant, but never closed the business, and now I found the status of the business was Franchise Tax Board "suspended," plus they want $10,000 in penalties. Read more...

Small Business Opportunities
Jennifer Friedman | February 22, 2016

The Benefit Corporation

Want your business to change the world as well as turn a profit? If so, becoming a “benefit corporation” might be a worthy New Year’s resolution to make. Read now...

Accounting Today
Jason Erb | January 29, 2016

Prepare Now for the Impact of the New Partnership Audit Rules

A radical revamping of the partnership audit rules will impact every partnership and LLC taxed as a partnership, starting in 2018. Although mandatory compliance is nearly two years away—and many unknowns exist—now is the time to begin to educate clients, review business structures, and amend partnership and operating agreements in preparation for the impact. Read now...

Business News Daily
Nicole Fallon | January 22, 2016

Becoming a Benefit Corporation: Is It Right for Your Business?

Many businesses today claim that they're in the business of "doing good." And they do their best to prove it, often by publishing a page on their website or social media posts about their charitable efforts. But what if your business's legal structure could vouch for your social commitments? It can, if you become a benefit corporation. Read more...

Fast Casual
Rex Caswell| December 29, 2015

The changing franchise landscape: Why Incorporation matters more than ever

For franchisors and franchisees, today’s business and regulatory environment has become increasingly uncertain, even as the franchise industry grows. Evolving federal and state laws, increased government actions, and recent stressors have led to tensions on both sides. Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | October 20, 2015

Make Your Businesses Invulnerable to Corporate Identity Theft

The news is full of highly sophisticated cyberattacks against major corporations, but some of the ways entrepreneurs can become targets are surprisingly low-tech. In fact, failing to file seemingly minor forms can leave entrepreneurs vulnerable to crimes that can destroy their credit, their reputation, and even their businesses.  Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | October 19, 2015

The Benefit Corporation: Fashion's Next Top Model

During Fashion Week, all eyes are on New York, London, Milan and Paris for the newest trends. But one important trend is often missing on many runways: sustainability. This is problematic for the industry in an era when, according to studies, ethical and environmental considerations influence a majority of shoppers. Read more...

Corporate Compliance Insights
Rex Caswell |October 15, 2015

The High Cost of Failing to Qualify as a Foreign Corporation

Failing to comply with the requirement to qualify as a foreign entity in Connecticut recently proved costly for hundreds of companies. As part of a crackdown on foreign corporations that failed to properly register and qualify in Connecticut, the offices of the Secretary of the State and the Attorney General fined more than 350 out-of-state companies nearly $1.8 million. Companies were fined anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $45,000 over the course of the 2015 fiscal year. Read more...

Today's General Counsel
Sandra B. Feldman | Oct/Nov 2015

Don’t Get Ambushed By Administrative Dissolution

“Administrative dissolution” means taking away the rights, powers, and authority of a corporation. Administrative dissolution is an action taken by the administrator overseeing business entities in the state of incorporation, due to the corporation’s failure to comply with certain obligations of the state corporation statute. Read more...

Advertising Age
Jennifer Friedman | October 14, 2015

Best Practices: How To Crowdsource your Next Video Campaign

Crowdsourcing might seem like an unconventional strategy to develop an ad campaign, but there's really nothing new about it. Almost a decade ago, Doritos' now-annual "Crash the Super Bowl" ad competition started tapping into the creativity of unknown filmmakers. The winners get to see their work air during the Super Bowl. Today, businesses aren't necessarily running their own contests. Instead, they're turning to online platforms such as Tongal, Zooppa and Talenthouse to discover fresh ideas and new video content for their websites and advertising.  Read more...

Rex Caswell | September 30, 2015

Veteran Entrepreneur Profile: Rex Caswell

"Being a service member taught me that I can do more than I ever thought possible; it pushed me to a level I didn't know I could achieve," Rex Caldwell stated, discussing how his military service prepared him for a successful civilian career. Read more...

Raja Sengupta | September 11, 2015

Lessons From the Top 50 Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Campaigns (Infographic)

This year has been dubbed “the year of crowdfunding” because of the exponential growth and rapid changes occurring in that market. And, until now, donation-based and rewards-based crowdfunding (offering products and merchandise in return for donations) have been the two most popular vehicles for entrepreneurs using this concept to fund their startups and other projects. Read more...

Technical.ly Delaware

Tony Abraham | August 17, 2015

This is the ‘most dynamic shift’ in corporate law since the LLC

Earlier this month, amendments were officially made to the Delaware General Corporation Law that ultimately make it easier for existing corporations to legally adopt a social mission by becoming a Benefit Corporation.  Read more...

Eleanor Laise, Kiplinger's Retirement Report | July 2015

For a growing number of seniors, retirement means business—start-up business, to be precise. Starting a business in retirement can be a way to pursue a passion, enjoy an intellectual challenge or simply boost your income. Read more...

Small Business Advocate
Jim Blasingame | July 21, 2015

Rex Caswell recently joined Jim Blasingame to discuss opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs. In the first of two podcasts, "How government contracts work for veteran-owned businesses," Rex and discuss the landscape for government contracts available to veteran-owned businesses, including where to look for help. In the second, "The military veteran marketplace landscape," Rex Caswell joins Jim Blasingame to reveal what the landscape looks like for veterans who are looking for work, as well as those who want to start a business. Listen now.  

Industry Today
Jason Erb | June 26, 2015

The Importance of Registering In Every State Where You Do Business

For most manufacturers, doing business beyond the lines of the state in which they are incorporated is par for the course; it’s critical if you plan to expand and grow your enterprise. However, states seek to keep track of companies who are expanding operations into their jurisdictions. It is important for manufacturers to take this into account when they do business in other states and abide by the “foreign qualification” requirements of each state in which they do business. Doing so protects against potentially negative consequences.   Read more ...

Fox Business
Michele Helies | May 11, 2015

4 Survival Tips for Mompreneurs

Today the overall economic impact of the more than 8.6 million women-led businesses in America is estimated at $1.3 trillion, according to a report by American Express OPEN, with women now launching businesses at nearly twice the rate of men. However, today many “Mompreneurs” -- a phrase coined for female business owners actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur -- aren’t getting the support they need, according to Jennifer Friedman. Read more...

Working Mother
Marisa LaScala |May 5, 2015

It's Small Business Week—Remember the Mompreneurs

National Small Business Week runs from May 4 to 8 this year. While the focus of the week is to support all different types of small businesses, there’s one segment of business owners who might be undervalued by other companies: mompreneurs. Jennifer Friedman explains why the business community should pay more attention to mompreneurs during National Small Business Week—and the rest of the year. Read more…

Corp! Magazine
Jennifer Friedman | April 30, 2015

Forgetting to File Timely Annual Reports Can be Risky Business

With the May 15th filing deadline only weeks away, hundreds of thousands of Michigan for-profit corporations, will submit their annual reports to Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to remain legal entities and compliant with state regulations. Read more...

Anne Field | April 3, 2015

Kiva Zip And Startup Incorporation Service Join Forces

If you’re running a social enterprise–or any startup, for that matter–two of the headaches you face are incorporating and raising early funding. With that in mind, Kiva Zip and BizFilings by CT recently announced an initiative that would help startups, especially social enterprises, tackle both problems.  Read more...

Florida Advantage Business Magazine
Jennifer Friedman | April 23, 2015

Forgetting to File Annual Reports on Time Can Lead to Significant Financial Headaches

More than 2 million Florida small businesses—every LLC, corporation, limited partnership and limited liability limited partnership—must file annual reports with the Florida Secretary of State’s office by May 1, so that they may remain legal entities and compliant with state regulations. Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | April 22, 2015

The Benefit Corporation: A Tool For Building A Sustainable Brand
Earth Day represents an opportunity for CMOs to think about ways they can make sustainability a core part of their strategy and, in doing so, both protect the environment and tap into the growing demand for sustainable products and services. A new type of corporation—the benefit corporation—can help companies to achieve these goals. Read more...

NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business)
Kristen Lund | April 2, 2015

Super Secret Small Business Tax Write-Offs

Whether you do your small business’ taxes yourself, have an in-house accountant or outsource the job, you may be eligible for deductions that you didn’t know existed. We asked three experts to share little-known tax write-offs that can save you more money this Tax Day. Read more...

Grading & Excavation Contractor Magazine
Carol Brzozowski | April 1, 2015

Hauling Equipment Across Jurisdictions
As contractors seek jobs farther from home, long-distance equipment hauling becomes increasingly necessary. Read more...

Landlord Property Management Blog
Jennifer Friedman | March 12, 2015

What Landlords Need to know about Business Licenses

Rules and regulations surrounding landlords have been a hot topic in the news recently, especially with the recent rulings regarding Airbnb in New York City. Understanding the local rules and regulations, as well as licensing requirements, are essential to running a strong rental business.  Read more...

Construction Today
Jennifer Friedman | March 4, 2015

Annual Report Basics for Construction Business Owners

Annual report season is here and deadlines are just around the corner. For corporations formed in Delaware, annual reports needed to be filed by March 1, and many other states have filing deadlines in April-June.  Are you prepared to file your annual report? Most states require incorporated businesses and limited liability companies (LLCs) to file an annual report. It is imperative to file correctly and on time in order to maintain good standing and avoid fees or more severe repercussions. Read more...

Construction Today
Jennifer Friedman | February 11, 2015

The Headache-Free Way to Dissolve Your Construction Company

All good things must come to an end. However, if you wish to close your construction business, it is imperative to dissolve your company properly. By taking the following steps to dissolve your business, you limit your liability for lawsuits and regulatory fees, in addition to ending your obligations to pay annual fees and business taxes. Also, many of these steps will apply if you merely wish to withdraw from one or more states while remaining in business in others. Read more...

Landlord Property Management
Jennifer Friedman | February 9, 2015

Top Reasons Landlords Should Consider Forming a Business Entity for Properties

One of the best asset protection tools available to landlords today is forming business entities for their properties. An entity option that can be a good fit for landlords is the LLC. This type of entity provides flexibility to be taxed as a partnership or a corporation, while providing its owners with the limited liability of a corporation. By designating a business organization for their individual properties, landlords can simplify several corporate and legal functions – enabling them to focus on the needs of their tenants and maintenance of their property. Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | February 5, 2015

Want to Do Good While Remaining Profitable? Organize Your Business as a Benefit Corporation

There’s a new wave of entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the world. These people, however, don’t necessarily want to operate their companies as traditional nonprofit organizations. The challenge for these socially minded business owners is executing philanthropic programs and efforts while also trying to earn profits for shareholders, raise capital, and grow their companies. Read more...

Construction Today
Jennifer Friedman | January 9, 2015

Why Construction Companies Need an Official Registered Agent

Construction business owners often face time and resource constraints. In a highly regulated industry with many documents and forms to file, in addition to tax and compliance deadlines, a registered agent can ease the burden of annual obligations on a business. It allows business owners to focus on securing job contracts and carrying out projects, freeing them from concerns that an important document or filing has been overlooked. Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | January 6, 2015

The New Year is Here: 3 Resolutions Small Businesses Need to Make in 2015

The key to success for any business is to be well prepared and organized when it comes to important paperwork and deadlines, which certainly can be a challenge to maintain. But if done, it can ensure your business is in good standing and will help avoid costly issues. Here are three resolutions to set the course for small business success... Read more.

Construction Today
Jennifer Friedman | December 11, 2014

Four Essential Steps for Safeguarding Your Business Identity

The threat of identity theft isn’t just something individuals need to fear. Businesses too can fall victim, and often with detrimental consequences. While keeping your business identity information secure is critical, it is not always easy to do. Corporations and LLCs are easy targets for identity thieves because many important pieces of information, such as your federal tax employer identification number, are often public and available through the secretary of state’s office. Armed with these records, identity thieves can impersonate your business to open fraudulent credit cards and charge thousands of dollars to your business.  Read more...

Panel Discussion |December 7, 2014

What is an EdTech Startup | Featuring Crescerance Storyboard That JettPakk and PledgeCents

Katherine Jetton, a CT customer, participated in a TeacherCast podcast panel "How Do You Create an EdTech Startup." The presentation focused on the five actions you must take to launch a successful start-up. As part of her comments, Katherine described her experience of incorporating with CT Corporation and how it was cost effective, compared to other services providers. Watch the full presentation...

EdTech Digest
Interview by Victor Rivero | December 5, 2014

JettPakk Launching

EdTech Digest, a publication on education transformation, published a Q&A with CT’s customer, Katherine Jetton, about her business, JettPakk. In the Q&A, Katherine stresses the importance of “incorporating JettPakk to make the business legitimate and official. Incorporation is important because I want to protect the integrity of the program’s purpose—help teachers help students.” Read the complete interview...

Jennifer Friedman | October 30, 2014

5 Tips To Winning a Government Contract

Opportunity could be knocking for small business owners who are open to prospects in government contracting. Small businesses were eligible for $357 billion of federal contracts last year, according to the Small Business Dashboard. With many government contracts available to small businesses, it’s important to know how to best position your company to ultimately reap the benefits. Read more...

Construction Today
Jennifer Friedman | Octoboer 24, 2014

How to Establish Your Business in New States

As the year winds down and you set goals for the upcoming year, expanding your business might be on the horizon. Whether you are a contractor, engineering firm or material supplier, understanding the process of expansion across state lines is essential to your future business success. Read more...

CT Corporation |October 20, 2014

Jump Start Your Career as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has always been the backbone of American business, and that spirit continues to thrive among recent college graduates. However, the journey from innovative idea to successful business presents challenges of which aspiring entrepreneurs may not be aware. To successfully navigate this complex business landscape, there are several best practices and tips for seamlessly turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality. This infographic from CT helps chart the path. Read more...

Construction Today
Jennifer Friedman | September 22, 2014

Is Your Construction Company in Good Standing?

In a heavily regulated industry like construction, there are a wide range of compliance issues business owners need to follow. In many instances, companies overlook the importance of remaining in “good standing” after initially incorporating or forming an LLC. Ensuring that the company is staying compliant within state guidelines is essential to continue operating the business effectively and being able to bid on contracts. The benefits of being in good standing coupled with the consequences of failing to comply are compelling reasons why you should know where your company stands. Read more...

Press Release
WomanCon 2014 | August 28, 2014

WOMANCON 2014 Spotlights Women Entrepreneurship

WOMANCON, a women's entrepreneurship conference series that brings together accomplished female founders with the media and thought leaders in financing, public relations, social media, technology and marketing, continues to heighten awareness of the explosive growth in successful women-owned businesses as it prepares for the second annual WomanCon conference on September 18th, 2014 at CUNY Graduate Center from 8:00am -7:00pm in New York City. Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | August 11, 2014

Should You Expand Your Business into a New State?

As a small business grows, many owners may reach the point when it makes sense to expand business operations into a new state. Determining when and how to do this can often be confusing, but an understanding of what this process entails can alleviate concerns and allow a small business to successfully navigate this exciting time of growth and expansion. Read more...

Investor's Business Daily
Adelia Cellini Linecker | July 23, 2014

Launch A Business With The Help Of Pros

Sixty percent of recent college graduates want to start their own businesses, but most don't fully understand the tasks critical to getting an enterprise off the ground, according to a survey by legal service firm CT Corporation. The survey, which polled 500 college graduates nationwide, says the budding entrepreneurs admit they're unprepared to draw up a business plan and market their business. Having a great business idea is one thing, says Jennifer Friedman. Turning that idea into a viable business is complex. "The chances of success can increase if they have the right information," Friedman told IBD. Read more...

Business News Daily
Nicole Fallon | July 22, 2014

LLC? S Corp.? Which Business Structure Is Right For You?

One of the most important decisions you'll have to make when starting a business is what type of legal structure it should be. There are a few different choices, and the one you pick can greatly affect the way you run your business. "The most important thing is to understand your options," said Jennifer Friedman. "There are a few different lenses to look at when thinking about what's right for you. Each structure has a different impact on the liability the business owner will face." Read more...

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
Jennifer Friedman | July 11, 2014

Getting a Head Start

This year has been projected as a growth year for the restaurant industry, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs who dream of opening their own restaurant. Forty-seven percent of Americans’ food dollars are spent dining away from home, and restaurant sales are expected to hit a record high this year, outpacing overall economic growth for the 15th consecutive year, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA). For those looking to take advantage of the industry’s growth, the key depends not only on the restaurant’s unique concept and operating costs decisions but also on meeting specific legal and regulatory requirements.  Read more...

Dan Kadlec | June 13, 2014

Work for the Man? That’s So Over, New College Grads Say

Big companies still have many high-paying positions, and with the job market perking up those opportunities will expand. But young adults are still having trouble establishing basic financial security—or landing a decently paying entry-level job. Instead, they are forging different paths to financial success. Read more...

Wall Street Journal
Adam Rubenfire | June 17, 2014

M.B.A.s Dive Into ‘Shark Tank’

Classes were over and graduation long past last week, when about 40 Columbia Business School students and alumni returned to campus to share their business dreams, from a pepper sauce company to a boat-sharing website. On hand was a team of producers for “Shark Tank,” an ABC reality show in which entrepreneurs pitch business leaders in hopes of landing an investment in their business idea. The producers, casting for the show’s sixth season, were seeking Columbia students and graduates. Past contestants have included the inventor of a hooded pillowcase and the creator of a truck bed air mattress.  Read more...

Kristina Knight | June 13, 2014

Survey: College Grads Hanging Out Shingles

For college graduation this year more young adults aren't looking for a job. They're looking to start their own business. That's the takeaway from a new CT Corporation survey which shows about 60% of the 500 grads surveyed are interested in starting their own business.

The problem is fewer than half (47%) believe starting a company is feasible; about two-thirds (67%) aren't totally confident in how to start a business.  Read more...

Dallas News Business
Arselia Gates | June 12, 2014

Recent survey shows entrepreneurial trend among college graduates

More than half of recent college graduates want to start their own business according to a recent survey conducted by online legal service provider CT Corporation. Of the 500 graduates surveyed, 45 percent think it is likely they will start their own business post-graduation and one in five graduates started a business before graduating. Despite the eagerness to start a business, two-thirds of college graduates say they do not fully understand what incorporating a business entails and more than half of recent college graduates feel they cannot prepare a business plan, market their business or obtain a domain name.  Read more...

Small Business Opportunities
Jennifer Friedman |June 1, 2014

Is Your Business In Good Standing?

Starting a business is no small feat. Expenses, logistics, employees and good service are only some of the challenges entrepreneurs face each day. However, keeping a business in “good standing” should be on the priority list of every business owner who incorporated or formed an LLC. Small business owners may believe that many corporate and LLC requirements do not apply to them.  But this is a misconception. Failing to follow state requirements may mean that an entity is no longer in good standing and can delay (or even prevent) a business from obtaining financing or expanding into a new state. Failing to stay in good standing can also result in the administrative dissolution of the entity, exposing the owners to personal liability.  Read more...

Elaine Pofeldt | May 15, 2015

Crisis on Main Street:  The end of mom-and-pops?

Every day seems to make it harder to stay in business for Michelle Rogers, owner of Double R Country Store in Palm Bay, Florida. She and her father, Steve Rossi, teamed up 15 years ago to start an online warehouse that sells farm, ranch supplies and other goods, like wild bird seed and Amish-made baskets. With business humming six years ago, they expanded into a brick-and-mortar store.

The business, which employs six people including her husband, Lance, brings in $600,000 to $800,000 in gross revenue annually, according to Rogers. But given high overhead, it is hard to turn a profit, she said.  Read more...

Jennifer Friedman | March 26, 2014

All Business Entities Are Not Created Equal: Finding the Perfect One for You

It's tax season -- and with that comes a whole lot of chatter with accountants. In an effort to submit their taxes on time, avoid penalties and include as many itemized reductions as possible, many entrepreneurs are speaking with their accountant more frequently than at any other time during the year.

During this period, questions often arise about financial issues, reducing taxes and determining strategies for keeping more profit in their pockets (and forking over less to Uncle Sam).

IDG Connect
Jennifer Friedman | January 2, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

As online shopping and pressure to deliver enhanced customer experiences rise, small business owners will need to re-evaluate their business strategies for success in 2014.  Read more...

Upstart Business Journal
Teresa Novellino | December 20, 2013

Do Pop Culture Favorites Hold Business Lessons?

Entrepreneurs and those who want to start their own companies are big fans of reality shows such as Shark Tank and Project Runway, and for good reason: it's enlightening to watch people pitch their creations to experts and find out what will fly and why or why not.  Read more...

YFS Magazine
Jennifer Friedman | December 11, 2013

How to Make it Big on a Small (Business) Idea

Whether your business idea started inside the four walls of a college dorm room or in your parent's basement, it's important not to sell your creativity short. In many cases, a successful business idea evolves by solving an existing problem in an alternative way, rather than drastically reinventing the theoretical wheel.

Consulting firm Bain & Company found that businesses that ditched the big idea for a repeatable one were five times more likely to succeed in the long term.  Read more...

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
Owen Linderholm | November 22, 2013

Independence is Leading Motivation for Entrepreneurs

A survey by BizFilings of 1,110 small business owners conducted this month (November 2013) highlights that the largest group of people becoming small business owners choose to do so because they are seeking independence. And the smallest group are those driven by becoming rich. Read more...

Upstart Business Journal
Teresa Novellino | November 20, 2013

Are You a Soloist, Mountain Climber, or Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur?

The UpTake: Knowing what type of entrepreneur you are means knowing what type you are not. Make sure your team completes you. We hate to get all Cosmopolitan magazine on you, but it's mid-week and here's a fun quiz. Do you know what kind of business owner type you are? Some entrepreneurs are focused on the bottom line, others are driven by passion and still others simply want independence and their chance to stop working for someone else. Read more...

The Street
Kathryn Tuggle | October 25, 2013

How to Know It's Time to Part Ways With a Business Partner

Much like a marriage, a business partnership may start out with the best of intentions, but constant disagreements or financial woes can bring even the strongest relationship to its knees. Sometimes it's best to cut your losses and part ways, even if it hurts your feelings -- or your livelihood. Our experts weigh in on the top five ways to tell it's time to stop working things out and start packing boxes. Read more...

FOX Business
Kate Rogers |September 12, 2013

What You Need to Know About Being Self-Employed

Finding a full-time job in the current anemic job market still remains a challenge, so many are creating their own positions and becoming their own boss.  A new report finds 17 million Americans now identify themselves as self-employed, freelancers, temps and other "independent workers."  Read more...

YFS Magazine
Jennifer Friedman | September 11, 2013

5 Quick Tips to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Quick! If you had 20 seconds to convince a venture capitalist that your business is worth investing in, could you do it? You never know where you could meet your next investor – or how much time you will have to share your company vision without coming across as a used car salesman. This is why it is important to master, not only, your elevator pitch, but also your ability to deliver it without sounding like you're trying too hard to sell yourself. Knowing what to say and how to say it could help your business identify – and cement – important connections. Here are five proven tips you can use to improve your elevator pitch.  Read more...

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
Owen Linderholm | August 22, 2013

Infographic Shows the Same Issues Still Face Small Business

Most people seem to feel that we are either in an economic recovery or headed into one or at least pulling out of recession. So with the improving economic climate in mind and new initiatives to help boost small business buying around the big Thanksgiving shopping period (the 'Shop Small' initiative as part of Small Business Saturday on November 30th), BizFilings took a survey of some small business attitudes and combined them with other data into this infographic. Perhaps not surprisingly, they found that even in times of economic recovery, challenges like customer retention and consistent revenue still exist.  Read more...