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Rely on CT to handle important legal and state documents promptly and correctly.
Start your business with a solid, smart, and successful foundation.
Local Expertise in +150 Countries. CT has offices and partners around the globe.
Reduce search time and ensure comprehensive and accurate UCC searches and filings.
Your Business Deserves Premium
Your Business Deserves Premium
  • SERVICE - Since 1892, we are putting our customers at the center of everything, and we hold ourselves accountable for delivering the right results. 
  • EXPERTISE - We help keep 1.6 million entities in compliance every year, and we work with you to help ensure your company stays compliant and in good standing.
  • INNOVATION - We are continuously improving and innovating to provide our customers - 75% of Fortune 1000 companies, and 70% of the National Law Journal Top 250 law firms -  with best in class compliance solutions to reduce their risks and workload.
Request Your Free Entity Check Audit
Request Your Free Entity Check Audit

Is your current Registered Agent provider ensuring that your entities are in good standing? Request your good standing audit, and we’ll provide you with your Secretary of State good standing status. If our research uncovers any issues, we can help you resolve them. Audits are generally ready within one week.

Discover the new UCC Filing Hub
Discover the new UCC Filing Hub

No more redundant data entry and tedious checking for accuracy across multiple forms, the UCC filing hub is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform that offers you smart UCC automation. The UCC Filing Hub is built around the way your deals work. It was designed from the ground up with hands-on input from law firm professionals. Every detail delivers accuracy, maximum efficiency, and intuitive use. Its clean, straightforward interface is only one of the many ways it will help you add more value to your work.

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